Covering Glass with Polymer Clay Tips for success

Covering Glass with Polymer Clay Tips for success

March 21, 2018

covering glass with polymer clay

Have you ever wanted to cover glass with cool polymer clay designs but didn't know how to get started. Watch today's Polymer Clay TV and get tips and tricks for success! I have covered hundreds of glass items, from candle holders to wine glasses to vases you name it I have covered it with polymer clay. I have learned a lot along the way and I share it with you on today's Polymer Clay TV.

You can find the silkscreens I used in the video at these links.

Tiny Tiles:

This and That:

Here are the answers to your questions.

I would not go too thin on the clay when covering glass as it could crack. I would keep it thicker than a #3 thickness on your pasta machine.

Great tip that when you cover glass or metal you want to keep it out of the cold because the movement of the glass can crack the clay I have had it happen many times as well.

You can seal pigments with water based Varathane,Future Floor Wax, PYM!! and there are others made especially for clay on the market too.

You can wash polymer clay by hand with soap and water so these are totally functional.

Liquid clay is not going to make the clay adhere any better to glass in my opinion its an un needed step.



Shaheen said:

I really like this. Question, if you are using these for oil and vinegar, how do you wash them?

Joyce L Boyd

Joyce L Boyd said:

I’ve heard other clay artists say to you tls on your glass before placing clay on it. What would be the benefit?

Patricia Stirniman

Patricia Stirniman said:

I love covering glass! Nice video.

 Sherri Thompson

Sherri Thompson said:

Love the silkscreens used in the video. Very cute and useful project!

Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke said:

I’ve been trying to figure out what interesting objects to try faux patina on. Looks like I may have found some ideas. Gonna add some bas relief to either a drinking glass or a bottle and see where it takes me!

Susan Morton

Susan Morton said:

Thanks Ilysa, great tips. I have only covered a few glass items and those air pockets can be a buggar bear. I love the silk screens, so excited mine are on the way!


Rebecca said:

Great post. It was really nice seeing how you finished the neck of the bottle as it is an area I have had problems with in the past. As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.


Beth said:

You just saved my project! I didn’t realize it was that easy for clay pieces glued to glass to come off. I am making glass vases and bowls covered with various dog breeds as gifts for our dog show judges. I was going to glue on the dogs, but now I think I better cover the entire piece with clay and then add the clay dog breed pieces. Crisis averted!

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

Another tip you might want to pass along is not to leave covered metal or glass out in the winter cold. I’ve had covered items that I left in my trailer all winter & the PC cracked because of the contraction of cold glass & metal.


Becku said:

I love covering thing. It is great to see ideas on things to cover that I have not done.

Diana Noch

Diana Noch said:

Thank you very informative. Great tips on covering glass!!

Mary Beth Falvey

Mary Beth Falvey said:

I would make little square tags that depict oil or vinegar out of clay and attach them to the neck of the bottle with gold elastic cord. You could paint or decoupage small pictures to your clay, or just print oil and vinegar with gold pens, then spray with varathane to protect them.


Geri said:

Cool project. Have never covered a bottle before….inspired, a must try.

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

Thanks for your great videos and I love the Ultimate tool also.

Sue Duffy

Sue Duffy said:

Good tute. Thanks!

Janecia Dale

Janecia Dale said:

Thanks for the tips on covering glass with polymer clay. What thickness of polymer clay do you recommend using for the best coverage?
I love the color of the polymer clay that you used. A nice contrast between the clay and paint.

Margaret Souayah

Margaret Souayah said:

Great tips! My very first polymer clay projects were votive candle holders. Watching this project really makes me want to try a cruet set!

Judith Messner

Judith Messner said:

Excellent video.Helpful tips for covering glass for long term use.

Lori Taraskus

Lori Taraskus said:

Love these! Thank you for the tips! I do have one question; You mentioned that you would seal them if you used pigments. What would you seal it with? Varthane?

Elana Ross

Elana Ross said:

lovely idea ,thank you :)

Mickey McGuire

Mickey McGuire said:

I have been saving jars and bottles for a log time just for something like this


Orla said:

Thank you for this video, I have been trying to cover glass for the last yr or so. I had been having some trouble with laying the clay on the glass, through your video I have found the answers to a few of these.. awesome thank you


Andrea said:

I am curious about the chalk paint. You said it does not need to be sealed. I noticed how much you handled it and it did not smudge or rub off. I will have to check out the chalk paint next time I am shopping. Thanks for the video!!

Donna L Wood

Donna L Wood said:

I want to try this. Thanks for the tips and tricks. I really like the silkscreen you used too!

Shelley Wylie

Shelley Wylie said:

Great idea. I love the silk screen design and those colours are lovely. My other half may come home to find I’ve changed the kitchen colours… he will be pleased lol xx


Shelly said:

Love the look of these. Definitely going to have to get those silk screens. Your silk screens are truly dreamy to use. Can’t wait to try this out.

Tina R.

Tina R. said:

Thanks for sharing.

Linda Hanson

Linda Hanson said:

I have soooo many glass items lined up to cover. Have put it off long enough. This vid gives me the impetus to get to work covering these things. Actually, I’m kinda glad I waited since I just recently discovered your beautiful silk screens. Will make them even more beautiful.

Linda Clay

Linda Clay said:

Thanks for the tips in your covering glass tutorial. I had been overlapping seams and blending them. My next glass cover piece I will follow your recommendation instead of overlapping. Really like the screens that were used too. Thank you!

Carole Carlson

Carole Carlson said:

Thanks for the video. Do you recommend that the glass be of any particular thickness?

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I always get inspired by all the tutorials that both of you so generously provide for us. I love being a part of your wonderful world of polymer clay!! A great big “thank you” to you both, Ilysa and Kira!

Mary Whebley

Mary Whebley said:

Great tutorial! Thank you, as usual!

Lynn Harriet

Lynn Harriet said:

I love covering glass containers. There is so many out there to get covered. Thank you for all the tips.


Jennifer said:

I was just about to give up on my dream of becoming a fulltime polymer clay artist because the things I were making weren’t selling at all, and I was just stuck. That was till I found you wonderful ladies! You have helped me so much with all your videos, information, etc. Everything you do, and share with us is so awesome, and just all around fantastic! Thankyou for helping restore faith in me and showing me that I can do this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bonnie Mason

Bonnie Mason said:

I want to try this someday!

Tammi Rapp

Tammi Rapp said:

I have got a ton of glass things to cover. Thanks for the video!

Lucie Winsky

Lucie Winsky said:

Love the bottle tutorial! You guys keep me inspired!💗 Thanks!💗

Anita Buckowing

Anita Buckowing said:

I too enjoy covering glass items with clay.
And I love this video.

Linda Hanson

Linda Hanson said:

I’m getting ready to cover some of my glass containers and my March box came. It’s awesome. Brought up another question. Can I use a silk screen over a transferred item? Probably a stupid question but…..I am new to transfers and silk screens.

Leona Nelson

Leona Nelson said:

Beautiful bottle, just love the silk screen patterns. Thank you foe sharing

Susan Langley

Susan Langley said:

Wonderful video and I love the silk screen pattern.


Bonnie said:

Thank you for this video! Experimenting with glass is next on my to-do list, love the tiles silk screen so I will probably end up ordering soon.

Alisa Levy

Alisa Levy said:

I love this! I look forward to trying it.

Sarah Randall

Sarah Randall said:

I haven’t tried to cover a huge glass object with clay yet. Only just covered the top of a glass tube. But this seems like an interesting project to look into. Great video! ☺️


Suzanne said:

Lovely bottle! I have covered glass and noticed that the clay can crack when it is too thin. However, i don’t know if that is because i let it cool down on the hot tile but outside of the oven. Maybe you know? Thanks

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

Cool thanks

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

Cool thanks

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

I’ve watched this video multiple times now and I’m excited to try it on my soap pump dispenser bottle. I hope I will win this drawing too.

Janice James

Janice James said:

This is very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Janice James

Janice James said:

This is very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown said:

very nice… love the silk srceens


Trisha said:

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial!

Dagmar Miller

Dagmar Miller said:

Thank you for sharing they look awesome. Each year I make something for 6 girl friends for Christmas you just made up my mind what it will be this year. I will have to hit the dollar stores or flea markets to find some interesting bottles or vases…thanks again for making it look easier than I thought it would be. Love watching all your ideas and wishing you a great week ahead…


Jackie said:

Thanks for a great tutorial. I’m sure gonna try this. Love the colors. You all ways keep me inspired.

Jon Lyksett

Jon Lyksett said:

Thanks for sharing your techniques. This opens up a whole new range of projects!


Sandra said:

You make it seem so easy. I love our work. Keep it coming!!!

Joan Chuisano

Joan Chuisano said:

Loved the video. Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy Karam

Chrissy Karam said:

Thank you for the wonderful vid/ tut…you gave some great info that answered a few questions I had….I hope one day I get at least hf as talented as you are.

Ally Casterton

Ally Casterton said:

Glass and silk screens the two things I have just started to learn about and experiment with. Great video, I learned a lot, and will be watching more of your videos! Thank you so much!

Joni Campbell

Joni Campbell said:

I’ve covered many glass items over the years and have always had great success. Watching this video makes me want to cover glass. The new flexible stencils would work well. Wheels are turning 😳

Gail Johnson

Gail Johnson said:

I’ve been saving some jars to practice in & now I have the inspiration to do it! Thanks!


Donna said:

Great tips. Some of my favorite finished projects are glass covered projects.

char morgan

char morgan said:

Thanks again for another question answering video! You always cover the exact things I have wondered about – your tips for covering glass are welcomed.


Miki said:

I want to cover wine glasses and a glass vase with polymer clay. I am worried that the glass will break while baking.

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