Watch a Demo, shop below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Water soluble image transfer, "clay tattoos" but we named it Magic Transfer Paper© in 2008.


How does it work?

Watch a video on this page to see it in action- basically:

  • print out your design. Be sure to reverse text and images if they matter to you- because what is printed on the paper is reversed on the clay.
  • place it face down on the clay, trim off any excess paper around the design first with scissors
  • press and burnish it flat, no air bubbles. For best results, I wait until I can see the oils leach from the clay into the paper- the paper darkens a bit. This could take 1 minute or 15, depending on how soft the clay is.
  • wet the paper with regular water and watch the fibers swell. They become loose and a little "slimy" and you can wipe them right off. You want a LOT of water and wetness, don't be shy. Some people do this in the sink. I sometimes use the sink, sometimes a bowl of water, sometimes a spray bottle. Any way you do it, there will be paper fibers to throw away or compost.
  • dry the piece and bake. The image will be affixed to the clay. You can choose to seal it, or not. Resin or liquid clay with camouflage any paper fibers that are left behind.

What kind of printer do I need?

This paper works with LASER ONLY. Do not use any printer with the word "jet" in it. A "laser jet" printer is an inkjet printer and will get ruined.

Can I print in color?

Yes, on a color laser printer. You can ALSO color this paper with Prismacolor pencils to add your own colors and transfer to clay, it works great!

Can I print this at an office supply store?

I always go to the UPS store because they have great big laser printers. I tell them it is crafting vellum and light weight, and it needs to go one single sheet at a time in the bypass tray. This avoids any jamming because the paper is 3 gram thin paper, a little thinner than the regular copy paper.

Preprinted Papers from CreateAlong

In every Createalong monthly kit, which you can find in our menu, we include fun preprinted designs! You can find a selection below, as well as our two recommended sellers for even more designs!

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