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Does your heart sing when you create something beautiful with your own hands? At CreateAlong, we’re here to keep that song alive. We offer a world of unique designs on our stamps, stencils, molds, and components,each blog article and YouTube video bursting with fresh ideas for crafts, jewelry, and home beautification made with polymer clay, paint, UV resin, and more. With CreateAlong, you can count on huge value for your money and reliable fast shipping on our high quality, artist-designed products.

Plus, our extensive reviews and tutorial collection of over 700 demonstration videos give you a sneak peek into the exciting possibilities with each product line! Let’s breathe life into your home and put fun into your crafting. Get your new tools today, and sign up for one of our creative clubs or workshops in the online classroom!

It's always the right time to be creative, grow your skills, and join a community to support you. You Belong Here.

We hope CreateAlong becomes your favorite place to shop for craft supplies, learn polymer clay + mixed media jewelry design and crafting, and even grow your creative business.

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I'm Kira McCoy, and Shannon Roberts is my MIP (most important person!) and Mistress of Manufacture. She runs the FabLab and makes most of our products, while I design them and create our tutorials. I co-founded PolymerClayTV in 2007, and launched the CreateAlong brand of tools in 2015. I taught myself 3d printing and loads of other tech when I figured out I have a special talent for understanding and falling in love with new technology.

I've had an online shop on Etsy since 2005, been on YouTube as @CreateAlongToolsandArt since 2007 (and created over 700 videos there) and started CreateAlong's product line in 2013. I became a Top 1% Etsy seller in 2016- and still am!

I started out as an art teacher, and I taught at West Broward High in Florida for a few years. My subjects were AP art history, digital photography, and digital art. I loved doing that, but the whole time I had entrepreneurship on my heart and was building this business behind the scenes. In 2016 I was able to make it my full time life, and I appreciate every single moment and dollar you spend here with me because it supports not one but two artist's dreams!

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One day in 2014, I was checking out someone's blog about fabric art and noticed she was using a silkscreen made in a non-traditional way. I purchased one, talked to her (she published my custom silkscreen design in her book!) and learned her ways.

I digitized a drawing I had done at work on a whiteboard, and never looked back. My love for surface pattern design and new tech led me down many roads of innovation, including silkscreens that are not photo-processed, highly textured mats that are not vulcanized rubber but rather my own special trade secret, Magic Transfer Paper for putting inked images onto clay easily, and my most recent design for Texture Tips mini stamps with interchangeable heads.

I love to innovate, and I love to teach.


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I have co-authored not one but two best-sellers. I'm a certified Creativity Coach featured in The Creative Lifebook which became an international sensation in spring of 2023 when it hit #1 Best Seller status in 5 countries and 28 categories on Amazon.

My book Polymer Clay Art Jewelry shows off many techniques and ideas for statement jewelry. I'd love to inspire your creative journey, as writing is my second favorite thing to do :)

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I have created over $2.6 million in this little craft business in the past few years, combining





If you have a Maker or Artist business and would like to improve in any of these areas while joining a whole Sisterhood of support, take a course or join my Mastermind. What is it costing you to stay stuck?

I have several Transformational Life Coaching Certifications and 17 years in online business backed by a degree in Education- I can help.

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In polymer clay, CreateAlong and myself have innovated and invented several things that are now commonplace.

Holes with a "donut" in the middle? INVENTED that concept. One day we said, you know how you always worry about lining up the hole?

Magic Transfer Paper? Our invention, in 2008.

Silkscreens made of durable fabric, rather than plastic film? INVENTED it in 2015- after spending 2 years making them out of a direct to print plastic (also my innovation). Our originals were orange, until someone started making photo emulsion in orange so we switched to light blue to stay different. Our silkscreens are durable, strong, highly detailed, and last a LONG time if you wash them properly. Also, they are 2x the size of most other brands for more clay coverage and less time spent washing and repeating.

We also invented the way our silicone texture mats are made, invented Texture Tips- our mini stamps that have interchangeable heads, and was one of the first companies that brought actual sharp 3d-printed cutters to market.

We also bought Poly-Tools, the company that INVENTED bead rollers and the amazing thin and sharp bead pins we sell - we are the only manufacturer who has these pins :)

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