Shipping info and policies

We ship all orders in the USA using a flat rate bubble envelope from USPS Priority Mail. This means your entire order, no matter how big, will get to you within 3 days of shipping, for one low rate.

The Rate in the USA is $7. The Flat rates for other countries are calculated as closely as possible to actual rates.

In the USA, if you are considering purchasing ONE item that can go in a Rigid Mailer, such as stencils, silkscreens, or Magic Transfer Paper, please contact us for an invoice- we can ship that RigiMailer First Class- which will take up to one week to arrive, and generally cost $4-$5 instead of $7.

If your International shipment fee is calculated with an overage of $2 or more, we refund the difference. If you are charged LESS than actual shipping, we bear the difference and don't charge you *unless the difference is in excess of $10.

Please remember as you decide to shop with us, it takes much more to ship a package than just what the USPS charges. Shipping includes:

      • For silkscreens, stencils, and Magic Transfer Paper: A Rigid mailer designed to keep those items from bending in the mail and getting ruined (this is not free, and is quite expensive, in the realm of packaging supplies)

      • Protective interior wrappings, printed instructions, envelopes, labels, and stickers when necessary

      • Organza storage bag for your goodies

      • Gas for our vehicle to drive to the post office

      • Time and Cost of shopping for shipping supplies

      • Payment to our packing and shipping employee

      • Paper, ink, and wear and tear on our equipment for printing invoices and packing slips

      • Bubble Envelope (free from the USPS). This is the only part of our shipping process that is "free." Currently priority mail in the continental United States has an actual cost of $6.80.

Our shipping is quick, generally we ship within 1-2 business days of your order. If there will be a delay for any reason, you will receive an email from us. Any questions please use the  button found at the bottom of the website to contact us. Have a great day!