Covering Glass with Polymer Clay Tips for success

Covering Glass with Polymer Clay Tips for success

covering glass with polymer clay

Have you ever wanted to cover glass with cool polymer clay designs but didn't know how to get started. Watch today's Polymer Clay TV and get tips and tricks for success! I have covered hundreds of glass items, from candle holders to wine glasses to vases you name it I have covered it with polymer clay. I have learned a lot along the way and I share it with you on today's Polymer Clay TV.

You can find the silkscreens I used in the video at these links.

Tiny Tiles:

This and That:

Here are the answers to your questions.

I would not go too thin on the clay when covering glass as it could crack. I would keep it thicker than a #3 thickness on your pasta machine.

Great tip that when you cover glass or metal you want to keep it out of the cold because the movement of the glass can crack the clay I have had it happen many times as well.

You can seal pigments with water based Varathane,Future Floor Wax, PYM!! and there are others made especially for clay on the market too.

You can wash polymer clay by hand with soap and water so these are totally functional.

Liquid clay is not going to make the clay adhere any better to glass in my opinion its an un needed step.

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Love the silkscreens used in the video. Very cute and useful project!

Sherri Thompson

I love covering glass! Nice video.

Patricia Stirniman

I’ve heard other clay artists say to you tls on your glass before placing clay on it. What would be the benefit?

Joyce L Boyd

I really like this. Question, if you are using these for oil and vinegar, how do you wash them?


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