The Create Template for polymer clay

by Jembox Designs | Jan Montarsi

Quilt Stripe Designs – 3D Rhombus Patterns – 5 -6 & 8 point Quilt Stars

Bake and Break Mosaic Tiles Squares and Triangles

Easily Make Rectangles, Diamonds, Squares, Triangles and Parallelograms, recombine into stars, hex patterns, quilt patterns, and more

Color Mix with 1 Inch Clay Squares Pre-marked with 16 grid sections

Multiple Sizes of Squares and Strips in 1/4 Inch Increments

Approximate 4" x 7.5" of cutting space

1/8" sturdy clear material comes with 2 specialized cutting blades.

Download the PDF instructions

3 part tutorial: creating the Hex and Triangle patterns

Polymer Clay Striped Quilt Squares w/ The Create Template