Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help please contact us.

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Shipping Policies?

We ship within a day or two of your order, and you will receive tracking info at the same email as your order.

We ship either standard First class packages, or USPS Priority mail. International packages usually go through UPS because they are more reasonable.

We will refund double shipping for purchases made on the same day/weekend and combine your shipment, and overcharges in international orders when the cart charges too much.

Why can't I Login?

You can shop as a "guest" on this site. Therefore you could be shopping for years, and still not be able to login- if it says you don't have an account but you have been receiving receipts to your email, please click the Create Account button and finish setting up your login on the site, and then you should be able to see past purchases.

When will my kit ship?

Our kits are sold from our sister site- either polymerclayclub.myshopify.com, or club.createalong.com. They always bill one full month in advance, so if you pay in May, your kit ships at the end of JUNE. Please take note of that on your receipt.

Who makes all this stuff?

Most of our products are created right here in Florida in our FabLab on various pieces of equipment such as 3d printers and lasers.

A few of our products are designed by Kira and created by other makers in the USA, and a very tiny amount (about 20 of our 750+ products) are wholesaled from overseas.

What is the meaning of life?

As far as I can tell, it's creativity, love, and happiness :) That's all I got!