Texture Tips Mini Stamps PreSale June 2021

Announcing Texture Tips- our mini stamp sets for polymer clay decorating! 

This week only, until Sunday the 20th, you can grab all 10 available sets for just $99- no further discounts or coupons apply.

When they go into the regular shop on Monday the 21st, each set will retail for $12. 

Each stamp is between 5 and 10 mm in size, they were designed to create small marks, patterns, and motifs in polymer clay. The handle is 2" long, easy to use and store right in their box marked with the set on top. Wash with soap and water, and as they are acrylic you may want to use a release such as ink, water, mica powder, or cornstarch so they do not get stuck in your clay. Have fun!

PRESALE items plan to ship on the 21st- if you decide to purchase more items in the shop, your order may be held until Monday. GET THEM HERE 

texture tips size