Silkscreen Splendor

Silkscreen Splendor

January 11, 2019

Klio Tsaliki shares some beautiful creations made with silkscreens!  

Black heart decorated with white/red lacey pattern.

I used this border lacey silkscreen from Create Along shop to print the first layer (white) on black clay. After white color was totally dry, I used the same pattern placed offset and applied the red color. The idea is to create a main color (red) and a shadow color (white).

When second color dried, I cut out the lace pattern off the clay sheet, and tried to follow (more or less) the lace pattern, cutting off some background pieces within the lace. Then the lace was placed on the black background and using a cookie cutter I cut the final piece.

This black heart was made using another lace border silk screen, again from Create Along Shop. This time I first printed the white layer and when this dried I turned the pattern upside down, so that the top part of the lace could meet the bottom part of the printed with white color pattern. I applied some golden color to get this mixed effect.

Once again I cut out the lace pattern and removed all the excess clay, cutting off some of the central pieces of black background as well. I used these tiny gaps to add some glass clear rhinestones when the lace piece was placed on the black hollow background heart shape. A textured outline addition was used to create a more sophisticated finished piece.

Black shiny silk screened heart. After the application of the white color to get the silk screen pattern (from Create Along shop), and when color was dry, I applied some of these magic  Shimmer Shifts color changing metallic flakes (no need to add I got them from Create Along Shop). All rainbow metallic shines burst in front of your eyes! Flakes will stick on the background clay and almost not at all on the acrylic color. Again a textured outline was added to give more emphasis to the shiny pattern. Pendant and earrings all double sided.

Multiple round shaped pieces were used to create this statement necklace. Several multiple patterned silk screens were used to get to make this piece. Each round (bead like) shape is double sided,  meaning that the necklace is also double sided. I first made the round shapes and baked them, then I added an outline extruded cord which and assembled the pieces to make the necklace This way separate pieces were united in one piece, still unstable though.. After the second baking, which gave me a single piece, I added the final outline black clay, which stabilizes the entire piece. I added some small rhinestones here and there, at the points where round shapes meet each other. Textured outline clay adds a dramatic touch to this unique piece and double pairs of rat tail cord with silver details were used for stinging.,

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