Polymer Clay Shrine Inspiration and Embossed design

Polymer Clay Shrine Inspiration and Embossed design

I can't keep my hands off the shrine cutters I am so drawn to working with them. At first I was trying to make traditional shrines but then I started looking at the cutters in a whole new different way. I thought what if I turn it upside down now it becomes a super awesome design element too! So off I went to play and play and the rest is history. Join me on Polymer Clay TV to see some of these fun and easy creations I have been making.
We created the first set of shrine cutters for our Create Along Box which is a monthly box that we curate and create.  These boxes have been a big hit as we pack them with lots of fun and new things to create with. You can get the July and August boxes at this link.
We have since added 3 new sets of shrine cutters and you can find them all in our http://www.createalong.com shop. We also have the elements mylar stencil and the silkscreen available too. Some of the products are exclusive to the box but we do try to make a few things available after the boxes are shipped. 

While I was playing with the stencil I decided I wanted an embossed hams design so it dawned on me how I could get a great texture. Watch the video to see how I achieved this look. Hope you have lots of fun creating!

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