Image Transfer on Polymer Clay to Create a Fun Butterfly Box

Image transfer on polymer clay

April 04, 2018

It's easier than you think to transfer images on polymer clay. Join me on Polymer Clay TV as I show you just how easy it is to work with Magic Transfer Paper that has already been printed with designs. The design I use is from the March Create Along box and is called Bollywood Butterfly. I like to combine techniques for really unique looks. 

If you are used to rubbing and rubbing to try and get the paper off you are going to be blown away by just how easy this is! The images come pre printed in our line called Color Me Magic Transfer Paper or you can print your own designs or images in black and white or color with a laser printer on the blank sheets of Magic Transfer Paper. So as I always say the sky is the limit!

I also learned something this time and that is that you can silkscreen on your clay and let it dry and then add a transfer on top. This lets the silkscreen show through the image for a super cool look. 

You can use markers on baked or unbaked clay images, you can use pigments or inks as well. There are so many ways to jazz up the designs not to mention adding crystals or a little bling. Have fun creating!

Want to win this cute little box I made? Just comment below with thoughts, ideas or something you want to share and I will choose a random winner on Sunday. 

Congrats to our last winner from my post, Linda Hanson! Good luck!



becky said:

Great idea to silkscreen and then use the transfer.


Joan said:

What a great tut. Love it. Joan

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

Great video with lots of good ideas and new things for me to try.

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

I do have some magic transfer paper but like you said at first, I’ve been afraid to mess it up. I better get on my big girl panties and try it lol.

Pam Hoover

Pam Hoover said:

Looks like so much fun

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

That looks really easy!

Jennifer Wahl-Hughes

Jennifer Wahl-Hughes said:

I hope to try this someday!

Linda Hanson

Linda Hanson said:

Wow, that is really awesome. Glad to see these techniques do work together. I love coloring with alcohol markers, so anxious to try this. I’m thinking of embedding a magnet to wear this beautiful butterfly either as a pendant on a chain, as a brooch or a fridge magnet. I love the flexibility magnets provide. Would make a wonderful gift as long as a pace maker is not an issue. Off to play!

Tinnette Hemmons

Tinnette Hemmons said:

This is the best paper ever for image transfer. I bought some printed and blank sheets and the possibilities are endless. I have printed only black images and they are so crisp and clean, even if you have used the image days after you have printed them.

Cornelia L

Cornelia L said:

I love how easy this looks and I’ve already purchased some of your transfer papers but I didn’t even consider painting it in with markers :) Yours looks beautiful in the video and I just love how the blue color makes it look like it has another background too your finished piece!

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I have a lot of Create Along’s silk screens and magic transfer designs. I love them all. I have used some of the silk screens and the results are amazing. I have been hesitant to use the transfers, but after watching this video along with others I am excited to try them. I always watch a bunch of videos before using something new. Thanks for this video, Ilysa! And thank you, Kira, for all of your design work. They are all amazingly beautiful.

Bonnie Santiago

Bonnie Santiago said:

Thank you so much. You made look so easy, I will be trying this soon.

Cindy Ridinger

Cindy Ridinger said:

Can’t wait to try this out.


Tina said:

Thanks for sharing the video. It looks really easy to do and seems like something that I could easily do.


Jennifer said:

Beautiful butterfly, first of all! Has my imagination soaring!!! This looks AMAZING!!! I’ve never tried image transferring before due to intimidation, but after seeing this new image transfer paper…not so much! Love to give it a try!!! Thanks!

Rebecca Doremus

Rebecca Doremus said:

What a beautiful box. I have purchased some of the transfer paper in the past but have not had a chance to use it. Thanks for the video. It definitely looks easier than the old way. I was wondering if this gets sticky like a transfer image does the old way if you do not bake it right away?


Marcia said:

The paper just poofs right off. I messed up my first one by rubbing. I really didn’t realize the paper just poofs right off. Must also remember not to rub too hard while applying the transfer. My music one moved but was still very usable.

Joy K

Joy K said:

I collect unusual boxes. They must be pretty, I would love to add this box to my collection. Also, these are my favorite colors. My collection needs this beautiful box. Thanks.

Tiffany Tackett

Tiffany Tackett said:

Very beautiful, love the butterfly box. I have only tried a few image transfers for pins that I have made. Now i must try them on my journal covers with some UV resin. Oh, the possibilities!

Debbie Lahita

Debbie Lahita said:

Thanks for making this easy to understand video! I will be sure to play with my butterfly magic transfer papers soon! The box is such a cute gift idea for Mother’s Day!


sILVIA said:

Gracias. me fue muy útil el video. Maravillosa técnica.
Mis a
saludos desde Argentina Buenos Aires

carol hettenbach

carol hettenbach said:

Neat video.. think I will have to give this a try.

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