How to use mylar metal foils for grunge effects on polymer clay

How to use mylar metal foils for grunge effects on polymer clay

August 29, 2018

In this video you'll see how to apply mylar backed metallic foils to make veneers. Special effects can be achieved such as fine crackle and aged metal. 

For the earrings shown, I used the Grunge Foils color light gold, oxidized copper, and rose gold. I cut out the medium and small Moon cutter shapes and started stacking! The tiny triangle is for the Mini Triangle plunger set.

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Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman said:

I love this foil. Are you going to have this in the store? I love the earrings, I love mixing metal colors. I have never seen black foil before, I can’t wait to play with this. Thank you for demoing this awesome foil for us.

Denise Osborne

Denise Osborne said:

Love the grunge colors


Leslie said:

Love the colors these come in.

Debi Bailey

Debi Bailey said:

I love the shimmer and shine the foil sheets add to the earrings ! And especially that they bake right on for the finished look :-)

Vera Deans

Vera Deans said:

Hi Kira, I just watched the Grunge Foil Tutorial and ordered a set as I can’t wait to use them!! I love the effects you created with them and the earrings. My question is, “will there be other colors in the Grunge Range of foils in the near future?” Cheers, Vera.

Lucie Winsky

Lucie Winsky said:

These are wonderful! What a great technique! Thanks!💗

Debby Kennedy

Debby Kennedy said:

An artist friend gave me some of these foils. Now I know how to use them. Thank you for sharing this technique.

Donna R Kober

Donna R Kober said:

Love the earrings. They look like real metal.

Lorraine Taraskus

Lorraine Taraskus said:

Wow! Such an amazing product! I never thought to use mylar like this. Thank you!

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Anderson said:

Nice demo! I love how it crackles!

debbie beechy

debbie beechy said:

those foils look great to use!

Nancy Alvord

Nancy Alvord said:

great —like the metal look

Nancy McCune

Nancy McCune said:

This looks much easier to use than the composition foils. I will order it now!

Selena Sylvain

Selena Sylvain said:

I really love how the Mylar foil makes the tiny shimmering crackle effects. Adding this to my wish list for sure.

Diane Hathaway

Diane Hathaway said:

I’ve always had trouble getting mylar foils to adhere. I will definitely give your method a try! Thank you!

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

What a cool technique. Thank you


Maneesha said:

Loved the inverted crescents together in the dual metallic tone

Deborah Lahita

Deborah Lahita said:

Those are very pretty and I like the ease of application! Great video!

Sherry McConnell

Sherry McConnell said:

When baking the clay with the Mylar what temperature do I use and for how long?

Joan wise

Joan wise said:

Loved the video and earring

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

Very pretty foil. Lots of ways to use this item.

Gayla Metzendorf

Gayla Metzendorf said:

Looks very Egyptian love the grunge metal look

Linda Regulski

Linda Regulski said:

I love these earrings, beautiful shine.

Glenda Stratton

Glenda Stratton said:

Love the earrings!

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I haven’t had much luck with using foils, but after watching your video, Kira, I think I’ll try again using this type of foil. It sure makes a beautiful affect on the clay. Thanks for the tips and tricks to get different results.


Sue said:

Does this new mylar foil peel off or leave bits when you cut with cutters?

Jackie Poole

Jackie Poole said:

Love these. Great design. Thanks for sharing.

Pam D'Andrea

Pam D'Andrea said:

Love the look of the mylar on those earrings!

Marilyn Northcott

Marilyn Northcott said:

The new heat set foils look amazing. Can’t wait for my order to arrive.


Jenni said:

Thanks for the demo Kyra!

Kay Schlenert

Kay Schlenert said:

These are fabulous, what a great effect the metallic has in the polymer clay. I see many different uses for it too.

Debbie Nix

Debbie Nix said:

This stuff looks great, but it’s sold out😭 will you get some more in,please

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