How to make a Ribbon Clamp textured bracelet with polymer clay, inks, and jewelry findings

How to make a Ribbon Clamp textured bracelet with polymer clay, inks, and jewelry findings

Thanks to Syndee Holt, using metal ribbon-ends on our clay pieces has been trending through polymer clay! Learn my version using stamps, inks, and bling and find out just how easy it can be to make something that looks amazing in no-time-flat!
Included in this demo you will see:
  • how to easily use acrylic stamps with polymer clay
  • favorite pigment inks and application
  • how to attach those ribbon clamp findings
  • measuring for your wrist
  • easily attach cup chain to polymer clay with no worries
  • making bendy things and making sure they don't crush in the oven
  • and more :) we love to share our tips and tricks!
Find the Acrylic stamps here:

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So pretty! May I ask where you purchased those ribbon clamps? The ones I find are always so boring, those are really pretty!


So glad I joined this group
I work two jobs ( homecare)
My husband has been sick
In my limited spare time I love polymer clay ideas because I make & give as gifts to friends & family
This bracelet idea is awesome
Your videos are very informative.
Can’t wait to get time to start making some. 💐💕

Teresa Samson

lovely video clearly explaining things and showing technique. Learned a couple of good pointers thank you. Now I want to make bracelets!


I really love that 💥PoP of blue. The bling is cool.
Great video. I learn so much from you here. Thank you so much. XO XO 💖

Rozz Hopkins

Very pretty and a great idea. I love bling too. Thank you.

Ymana Johnson

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