How to make a Ribbon Clamp textured bracelet with polymer clay, inks, and jewelry findings

How to make a Ribbon Clamp textured bracelet with polymer clay, inks, and jewelry findings

May 09, 2018

Thanks to Syndee Holt, using metal ribbon-ends on our clay pieces has been trending through polymer clay! Learn my version using stamps, inks, and bling and find out just how easy it can be to make something that looks amazing in no-time-flat!
Included in this demo you will see:
  • how to easily use acrylic stamps with polymer clay
  • favorite pigment inks and application
  • how to attach those ribbon clamp findings
  • measuring for your wrist
  • easily attach cup chain to polymer clay with no worries
  • making bendy things and making sure they don't crush in the oven
  • and more :) we love to share our tips and tricks!
Find the Acrylic stamps here:

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Dagmar Miller

Dagmar Miller said:

Thank you for sharing…love this…I have a question can you put the ribbon clamps on the non baked polymer or will that unshape the piece too much. I also use a can but I glued on four small washers on the bottom…love your work. I am 70 years young and have just discovered this awesome polymer…cant get enough of it…the only problem is that my friends are getting swamped with gifts…ha, ha…so I am going to start going to a few small craft shows and hope to sell a few pieces. Thanks again for sharing…Dagmar from Canada

Eden Moore

Eden Moore said:

I love this trend as well. I love how neat and polished the ribbon clamps make the piece look. I have a question, how do you keep the underside of your bracelet from getting shiny spots from the metal? Big hugs to everyone!!

Susan Morton

Susan Morton said:

What a fun project. Gonna see if I can find some crimp clamps like that so I can try it.

Carol Stevenson

Carol Stevenson said:

Thank you for all of the tips. (especially the can tip, how to measure for a bracelet, and how to attach the cup chain) I think I can make a bracelet now.

karen wolf

karen wolf said:

where did u get the ribbon ends? They r very pretty, I have only seen plain ones.

Rebecca Doremus

Rebecca Doremus said:

Love this video. The design is great and I really like the incorporation of the cup chain and also the ribbon ends. The finished design is a lot better than the standard bangle bracelet. I can see myself using this one quite often now that I have seen it demonstrated. I always thought you still had to glue the ends. So glad that you don’t. :-) <3


Pan said:

Love this video. What a great idea and I love learning all the tips and tricks being sort of new to polymer and finding it a challenge. I over think and make things complicated. These videos teach me so much! Thanks!


Denise said:

I have been away from my clay for over 2 years but this project has me inspired again! Thanks for sharing it!


Jenn said:

Thank you for making this tutorial, these are amazing! I love seeing new ideas for mixing other media with clay.

Random question, can I ask what kind of surface you’re working on? I use a ceramic tile and have the worst time with my clay sticking when I’m trying to cut shapes, trim edges etc. I keep ruining my projects and I’m not sure why. Maybe t e clay is too warm, but i never see it happen to others in videos and such.

Shelli Toms

Shelli Toms said:

Beautiful! I saw this and had to watch it to see how to create this bracelet. Love the techniques and the tips and tricks. I am new to the medium and enjoy learning and seeing all the ways to use polymer clay. Thank you for the tutorial. =)


Bette said:

Nice tutorial, I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I love this idea for a bracelet. Thanks, Kira, for your version of this bracelet. I’m going to give it a try!!

Pat Freeman

Pat Freeman said:

Gosh, what a fun project. The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to try the Wild Things patterns.


Luan said:

I have not seen the ribbon bracelets yet. Thank you for the inspiration!! There are so many ways this could be used.

Julie Cresswell

Julie Cresswell said:

These are so pretty and a nice and versatile option for bracelets? Where did you find those lovely crimps with the scallops? They’re beautiful! Thanks for sharing this nice project video! ♥️

Linda Esseltine

Linda Esseltine said:

Very well done. Wondered if the ribbon clamps needed glue. Thank you for your answer!

Cristina Gualtierotti

Cristina Gualtierotti said:

Hello, I have just enjoyed your wonderful bracelet with three textured rectangles.
A very well done video, original, simple clear. All my compliments

Cristina Gualtierotti

Cristina Gualtierotti said:

Hello friends, so nice this video. Something simple ,but wonderful.
All my compliemnts for the very clear video. Cristina

Gloria Borrero

Gloria Borrero said:

🙀 Absolutely gorgeous! Your tutorials are always encouraging, how I wish I had more time to play. (I’m retired but, for some reason, I have less free time than when I worked. Go figure 🤔). It’s time to go shopping for those stamps. 😸😸😸😸

Kay Martin

Kay Martin said:

Thank you Kyra! Can’t wait to try this, looks easy and fun!

Janet Smith

Janet Smith said:

Beautiful bracelet. Great tutorial. As usual, wonderful inspiration! Thank you Kyra


Andrea said:

Those ribbon clamp findings are so cool!

Carole Carlson

Carole Carlson said:

Really cute project, thank you for showing it to us.

Mary Beth Falvey

Mary Beth Falvey said:

I’m with Kyra on the Bling. This is gorgeous. I was trying to think of something to make for my daughter for her birthday and now I know. I immediately ordered the
ribbon crimps from Amazon and they are due here on Friday. I have to make it with silver tones as she doesn’t wear gold. Thank you for this “inspiring” video.
I’ll send pictures when it is finished.
(extra note: I have not received the earrings that I had won from several weeks back)

Kira L Slye

Kira L Slye said:

So to answer your questions, because I can’t reply directly for some reason…
Ribbon ends on raw clay? I wouldn’t do it that way, I personally would muck up the project if I tried! I like that they can just clamp on to the baked pieces.
The metal makes the clay shiny: if you are concerned about that I would use deli wrap or some other kind of paper against the can first, then the clay :)
These ribbon ends can be found at Hobby Lobby.
My worksurface is a teflon coated sheet, commonly sold as a cookie baking tool!

Sherri Myers

Sherri Myers said:

The bracelet looks amazing! I am looking forward to trying the ribbon.

Bonnie Santiago

Bonnie Santiago said:

Thank you very much. I am still new to clay, so like the demo using ink pad. The only issue (lol) I have is now I need to buy an ink pad and try this.

Sue Duffy

Sue Duffy said:

Neat tutorial. I’m going to have to try it! Thanks for the tip about the blob of clay on the bottom of the can to keep it from rolling – going to have to do that!

Lisa Beth Spencer

Lisa Beth Spencer said:

This! I can do this (as soon as I make a trip to Hobby Lobby!)!!!!! Thank you!!


Lori said:

This is very clever! I have so many ideas in my head!!

Pamela Takeshige

Pamela Takeshige said:

I love the idea of the ribbon clamps. I’ll have to look around online and see if there are wider or thinner ones. What a cute idea! Using mica powders, you could make all kinds of different colors,on the clay! I bet you could even use a little bit of Swellgant on the ribbon clamp top side to patena the metal as well.

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

So pretty

Margarita Legaspi

Margarita Legaspi said:

So cool! Can’t wait to try this. Saving to my Pinterest.


Jennifer said:

Wonder what this would look like with Icy Dreams Mica Powers & maybe a different print?! The bling is a MUST keep!!! Thank you for tutorial!!!

joyce kastas

joyce kastas said:

Neat bracelet. I want to try this. Are the ribbon-ens sold in jewelry finding section?


Jeanine said:

I love this idea of the ribbon clamps. Fantastic

Deborah Lahita

Deborah Lahita said:

I love the animal print! The ribbon ends are fun and easy to use! ❤️

Ramona Chan

Ramona Chan said:

Thank you for so graciously sharing your ideas, really helpful for us beginners!

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

I hadn’t seen the ribbon clamps. Such a cool idea!

Glenda Stratton

Glenda Stratton said:

Am going to have to try both do this ideas I love them both never hear of ribbon clamps before. And painting with liquid clay and mica powders has my head spinning with all the possibilities. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for sharing!

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

Very pretty and a great idea. I love bling too. Thank you.

Rozz Hopkins

Rozz Hopkins said:

I really love that 💥PoP of blue. The bling is cool.
Great video. I learn so much from you here. Thank you so much. XO XO 💖


Joy said:

lovely video clearly explaining things and showing technique. Learned a couple of good pointers thank you. Now I want to make bracelets!

Teresa Samson

Teresa Samson said:

So glad I joined this group
I work two jobs ( homecare)
My husband has been sick
In my limited spare time I love polymer clay ideas because I make & give as gifts to friends & family
This bracelet idea is awesome
Your videos are very informative.
Can’t wait to get time to start making some. 💐💕

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