Adding Glitter and Embossing Powder to Polymer clay and Stencil Designs

Adding Glitter and Embossing Powder to Polymer clay and Stencil Designs

May 02, 2018

I had this chunky glitter that I bought to use with polymer clay but it's been sitting around a while so I thought I would see what I could do with it. I pulled out some of our Flexie stencils and started to play. However this glitter is really chunky and I didn't think it would stay on the clay. So I thought Liquid clay would be the solution. I wanted to see how different it would look with different colors of liquid clay and it really does make a difference. As I always say the sky is the limit!

I played around with white, clear and gold Liquid Clay but there are so many other colors on the market and even better you can mix your own too!. I did however end up sealing mine with a spray sealer that worked really well. I used a product called Helmar Crystal Kote Matte and you can find more info about it at this link.  It worked awesome and is truly a matte finish. Another plus it dried super fast for me, of course it was a hot day in Florida but I was impressed. The company sent Kira and I each a matte and shiny but I have only used the matte and I am now a big believer! I do plan to do a show using both so you can compare the results and see what you think so stay tuned for that. 

I also had some red embossing powder that I thought would be perfect for our New Hot Lips Flexie and it was! I love how embossing powder puffs up it really was the right look for the stencil. Hope you will give this technique a try. ***Leave a comment on this post and I will pick 2 random winners and send you a bottle of Sculpey Liquid Clay and a few other goodies. I will choose the winners next week. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Babette for winning the prize. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Sherri Thompson

Sherri Thompson said:

What a fun technique a can’t wait to try it out!

Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart said:

Wow, this is great. I never thought of using embossing powder on polymer clay. I have a bunch of embossing powder as I make cards for our deployed military, so that’s great to find an additional use for it. I also have glitter, which I cannot use on the cards for the military, so this is wonderful to have a use for that too rather than it just sit on my shelf collecting dust! Thanks for the tutorial!

Judy Bottita

Judy Bottita said:

I’m enjoying working with polymer clay and loving every tip, tutorial and product offered by Kira and Ilysa. So much fun!



Love love love the lips.

Donna Price

Donna Price said:

I liked your video – now I have tons of ideas for projects I want to make using your technique !

Patricia Peters

Patricia Peters said:

This looks like a great way to make some fun summer jewelry!

Miranda Farrand

Miranda Farrand said:

What a neat idea. Will have to give this a try.

Lauren Leighton

Lauren Leighton said:

would love to win this!

Missy M

Missy M said:

Love adding embossing powder and glitter to my polymer clay pieces. Never thought to use them in the way you did here. Definitely something for me to try in the future!

Debbie Skwirsk

Debbie Skwirsk said:

So many techniques, so little time!

Martha L Clausen

Martha L Clausen said:

I love this technique!!! It will be too much fun to play with.
I do have a question…..Do all types of glitter work? By this I mean what the glitter is made from e.g. glass, plastic (I also work with resin so I’ve a wonderful supply of glitter.


Joan said:

what a great way to use glitter and embossing powder. Joan


Julia said:

Great to see embossing powder used with clay. I am/was a devoted stamper ( now polymer clay has taken over!) and so I have a LOT of embossing powder. I like it when tools used in one craft are useful in another! The lips are luscious!

Marcia Lander

Marcia Lander said:

That embossing powder looks great! Ive been wanting to try it forever. Someone must have had a great sale on that stuff because I have lots of it in lots of colors. I might have had a project in mind then by the time it arrived, I’d forgotten all about it!

Jenni Cairns

Jenni Cairns said:

Thanks for posting this video! I have a lot of your mica powders and will be trying this out!

Chris Gaston

Chris Gaston said:

Love this and all things sparkly! Can’t wait to try it.

Eden Moore

Eden Moore said:

These look too cute! I just got a handful of embossing powders on clearance and have been wanting to try them out.


Ashley said:

Those look awesome!

Annette Holbert

Annette Holbert said:

This is amazing. I need some extra time in my days. LOL keep up the good work

Mickey McGuire

Mickey McGuire said:

I love these especially the lips.


Beth said:

Have you also tried the Crystal Kote Gloss Varnish to determine whether it’s compatible with polymer clay too, or just the matte? I also see that they have a Crystal Kote Fixative Workable Matte. I wonder how the Fixative Matte differs from the Matte Varnish, other than the obvious that one is a varnish. Based on the information on the website, it looks like they can be used in similar ways.


Babette said:

Great ideas! Love the glitter!

Theresa Clasby

Theresa Clasby said:

Love the Hot Lips!!

Dorothy Hubbard

Dorothy Hubbard said:

I think this would be a fun project. I have in the pass mixed embossing powder with transculents clay which makes nice faux stones. I guess I will have to try the glitter.


JoanC said:

I hope to win this fantastic prize.

Rebecca Doremus

Rebecca Doremus said:

WOW!!! Lots of bling! Love the lips with the embossing powder. I might be more inclined to try it over the glitter just because of the mess. Once you let it out of the container – you never get rid of it. LOL

Deborah Lahita

Deborah Lahita said:

Great idea for bling! I’m using your silk screen and the butterfly cutters today!

Mary Beth Falvey

Mary Beth Falvey said:

I’m with Kira on this technique. I am a glossy kind of girl. I want my jewelry to be noticed, so big and glittery is definitely better. Thanks so showing this. I would never have thought to use liquid clay or glitter, but they really look nice and noticeable when doned.

Janice Porter

Janice Porter said:

Love the clay and embossing powder. I’m going to try this


Carole said:

I love how the lips look puffy from the embossing powders.
Goodies sound great!

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:



Timothy’s said:

Hope I win

Dana Horner

Dana Horner said:

I recently applied clear embossing powder on a very textured piece of dark scrap. It turned out looking like resin! The texture filled in, leaving a nice smooth, shiny surface. I’m going to try again on something worth keeping, since I liked the results.

Kim Keller

Kim Keller said:

I’m new to polymer clay and I’m learning so much from the two of you. Your videos are fun and very easy to follow. I’m in Florida too (Fort Myers) so I appreciate the insight on how things react to the humidity. Keep up the good work. I’m really enjoying everything I’ve gotten from your store. Thanks

Linda Regulski

Linda Regulski said:

This chunky glitter looks good, I’ll have to try it out.


Louise said:

The effect is beautiful. I have not used embossing powder yet, looking forward to getting some soon.

Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman said:

I love both of these looks. I especially like the embossed look. Using liquid clay to keep the glitter and embossing powder in place is something that I hadn’t thought of. I really love the new flexies! The ideas are endless. These Wednesday videos always stimulate my creativity. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next week.
Thank you

Amal Eldefrawy

Amal Eldefrawy said:

I love all your tutorials and I really learn a lot of them and I think I will try embossing powder in my next project

Carol A Broney

Carol A Broney said:

Of course I would love to win these awesome products!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I love getting help with creativity, and watching both of your ideas and your tips and tricks on your videos helps me tremendously. I have yet to use the flexies I have purchased, but when I do I will now have a better idea of how to use them, and what products work best to get the finished product that I have envisioned. Thanks to you both, Ilysa and Kira!!


Cheryl said:

I love using glitter, embossing powder and mica powders with stencils and silk -screens. There are so many possibilities and an opportunity to create something truly unique. Using both a silkscreen and stencil is a favorite of mine!

Lynn McLenon

Lynn McLenon said:

Thanks! I will try this!


Deb said:

This looks like so much fun, can’t wait to try it.

Bonnie Santiago

Bonnie Santiago said:

Thank you so much for sharing!


Sue said:

Love reading your emails. Great stuff.

Glenda Stratton

Glenda Stratton said:

Love the Gilles and the effects you get with liquid clay so many possiblys. Love the look will enoybtrying the things out in some projects!

Lisa Spenncer

Lisa Spenncer said:

Those lips are the best!!!!!!!!!

Shanna Coonrod

Shanna Coonrod said:

Awesome tutorial have lots of glitter I could use some flex sheets

Kay Martin

Kay Martin said:

I always love 💋Playing with CreateAlong goodies and would love 💋 to try these!!

Joann Davis

Joann Davis said:

Love love Love the lips! Thanks for all you do for the clayinh community!

 Carolyn myers

Carolyn myers said:

I. Love surface treatments. This is great. Glitter and Embossing what is not to love ?
Carolyn Myers


becky said:

Great way to use embossing powder with the clay.

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

I love those lips! I’m going to have to try this with my hamsa stencil. :)


Gail said:

I’ve wanted to try embossing powder on clay, but I wasn’t sure whether or not to use my heat gun to make it puff up or do you just bake the clay & it puffs up from the oven heat? The actual process for the embossing powder technique is not discussed in the video so I was just wondering. Do I use a heat gun first & then bake or is that not necessary? Thanks!

Donna Kober

Donna Kober said:

I like the look of the glitter with the liquid polymer clay. The flexies look great. I have some embossing powder somewhere, but I haven’t tried it yet. I love love love liquid polymer clays.

Selena Sylvain

Selena Sylvain said:

I love all the info I get from your videos and emails

Cindy Ridinger

Cindy Ridinger said:

Love those lips!!!!

Linda Osburn

Linda Osburn said:

Love you guys and all that you do. I have learned so much. Thank you

Dawn Keener

Dawn Keener said:

I absolutely adore these tutes!

Linda Esseltine

Linda Esseltine said:

Another fun way to make some pretties!!

leslie yowell

leslie yowell said:

I love the powders, but am not real crazy about glitter that I have tried using in the past.

pragya prakash

pragya prakash said:

Waoooooooo…. these look super tempting…….. I would love to try this technique Ilysa.

Debra Prilliman

Debra Prilliman said:

New to polymer clay. Thanks for sharing this really cool technique. I have some embossing powders that I have had literally years. Can’t wait to try this.

Christine Karam

Christine Karam said:

Love this technique……I remember doing this year’s ago when I found out by accident you can mix clay in little water and paint with it ..making it easy to add glitter to the top of it….I love shiny and sparkley items!!
I love all your tutorials cause they spark the minds creativity!! ❤❤❤


Suzanne said:

great ideas… to try new ways to use liquid clay

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

Thank you for the great ideas. The flexies look like they will be a great addition to my clay supplies.


Jennifer said:

Love ALL that sparkles! Mix that with Lips for this die-hard Rolling Stones fan and my creativity can take a entirely new turn!!! Very excited!!! Thank you!

joyce kastas

joyce kastas said:

Fun project

Tina Harvey

Tina Harvey said:

Love the powders and glitter. I am just learning how to use them. What fun it is.

Sharon Lampley

Sharon Lampley said:

So now I have a way to use up all the embossing powders I have left over from stamping! :)

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

That is so cool! I have some embossing powder that I bought by mistake, & now I have something to do with it.

Cathy Moore Fulcher

Cathy Moore Fulcher said:

Thanks for the tutorial. As a newbie I didn’t even know about the liquid clay. Love the bling idea.

Lois FitzPatrick-Prutz

Lois FitzPatrick-Prutz said:

Loved these ideas. Must try. I love all your useful videos.


Carole said:

Love the powders- polymer is on my list to try

char morgan

char morgan said:

thanks for reminding me how cool embossing powder techniques can be!

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