2019 Polymer Clay Adventure - Supply Lists

2019 Polymer Clay Adventure - Supply Lists

Suzanne Ivester - POMANDER PENDANTS 


  • Thin cardboard (like a cereal box)
  • Glue stick or white glue for gluing paper to cardboard
  • Printout of template for 1inch cube
  • Polymer clay and mix in ingredients of your choice from the list of clay recipes
  • Push molds in border shapes and small (less than 1inch diameter) button like
  • shapes.
  • Sculpey® Bake ‘n Bond
  • Small punches, hollow metal tubes, or drinking straws
  • Acrylic or oil paint, Rub n Buff, Gilder’s Paste, or similar, for antiquing
  • 1 mm. Stretch Magic cord
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Round nose jewelry pliers and wire cutting pliers
  • At least 22 inches of costume chain (for each necklace)
  • Glass or stone beads, necklace clasps, jump rings, bead caps, charms



  • Armature wire or heavy gauge floral wire (By the way, I misspoke in the video, the wire I used is 3.2mm (1/8”) in diameter, not 6mm)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Floral tape
  • 4 to 6 ounces scrap clay
  • Metallic clay in colors of choice, 3-4 ounces (I used Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Clay texturing tools such as netting, mesh, and diamond patterned tool handles
  • 1/8 inch ball dotting tool
  • Clay blades, flexible and rigid
  • Pasta machine
  • Sculpting tools such as the Can't Live Without It and Gotta Have It tools
  • Liquid clay
  • Metal gears (also, see parts kit, below)
  • Metal shears
  • Safety glasses
  • Fat Daddio football shaped cutters
  • 6-8mm glass or metal beads for eyes
  • 20 gauge craft wire
  • Pliers
  • Metal filigree pieces
  • Mica powders, I used perfect pearls in Pewter and Blue Patina
  • Polybonder glue
  • Craft knife
  • Needle tool
  • Small screwdriver set
  • Wire cutters
  • Soft brush
  • Lisa Pavelka steampunk gear mold
  • Tracing wheel, from sewing department
  • 8 mm jump rings or split rings
  • Head pin or wire to match color of jump rings or split rings
  • Drywall sanding mesh
  • Clock hands or other long thin parts for wing ribs (see parts kit, below)
  • Knitting needle or bamboo skewer
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vintaj patinas, I used Nouveau Silver, Verdigris and Jade
  • Armor All
  • 1/16" drill bit
  • 2 eye pins
  • Awl

Brass Clock Parts Kits:

There are lots of steampunk gears and products out there, but there's nothing quite like adding REAL clock parts to your creations.  So just for PCA 2019 I've assembled a limited number of kits to go with this Steampunk Dragon class.

Your kit will include 1 lb. of metal (mostly steel and brass) parts recycled from broken clocks. It's upcycling at its coolest!

Your kit will have:

  • at least a dozen clock hands (used mainly in making the wings)
  • at least 10 assorted gears, (from ¾ to 1 ¾-inches in diameter) many are still attached to arbors, which can help in embedding them in your dragon or they can be removed
  • an at least 4-foot length of brass or steel chain
  • a variety of other clock bits and pieces, large and small, that will inspire your imagination in their uses!

You can purchase the Steampunk Brass Clock Gears Kit at my Etsy shop, Keepsake Crafts Create.



  • White, black, purple, green, yellow, pearl white Kato polymer clay
  • Translucent Premo polymer clay
  • A tissue blade
  • A pasta machine
  • An acrylic roller
  • An oven
  • Plain printing paper
  • Cutters (Here’s a link to the ones I used https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/594660899/polymer-clay-wrapped-collar-rectangle?ref=shop_home_active_18)
  • A pin drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Renaissance wax
  • Black accu-flex beading wire, 49 strands, softest drape,   .024 inch diameter
  • 12 4mm round white howlite beads
  • A silver clasp
  • Two silver jumprings
  • Two silver charlotte crimps
  • Two silver crimps
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
Pritesh Dagur - JADAU JEWELRY 
  • A glass piece (to work on)
  • Premo! Sculpey® Gold and Black clays
  • Pencil (for tracing)
  • Fine tip knife
  • Clay smoother (Silicone brush or metal smoother tool)
  • Fine tip paint brush (synthetic hair, number 0)
  • Fine tip ball tool
  • Needle Tool
  • Circle cutters (Fat Daddio Nesting circle cutters used)
  • Mica powder (Gold), Pearl-Ex Aztec Gold used here
  • Marquise Swarovski crystals (2 mm x 4 mm, 4 mm x 7 mm, Peridot)
  • Kundan stone (optional), Can be replaced by a bail
  • 2.5 mm chaton Swarovski crystals, round, clear diamond
  • 8 mm Bright Gold Pearl Swarovski Pearls (Code: 5810), these can be replaced by any stringing material you might want to use)
  • Stud bases for earrings (rose gold zinc-free alloy stud bases used here)
  • Tiger tail
  • Metal crimps
  • 13/0 and 11/0 black glass seed beads
  • Lobster clasp for the string
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Matt finish glaze (Varathane used here, matte finish, water based)
  • Extruder (Makin’s Professional used here)



Clay colors - Mix a tiny bit of any bright, fun monster color* with premo! Sculpey® beige (green, orange or blue) for the skin tone.  Use a contrasting color for the claws, pearl or glow in the dark mixed with a bit of translucent for the fangs. 

* ANY colors work!  Use your imagination and embrace the strange!

Tools - Pasta machine or acrylic roller, silicone tipped sculpting tools, needle tools, cutting blades, circle graduated colors, soft brushes, extruder for hair 

Additional Supplies - small wooden or metal frame.



  • Premo! Sculpey® - Black, Ultramarine Blue, Purple
  • Premo! Sculpey® Accents™ - Peacock Pearl, Gold 
  • Sculpey® III - String Bean, Teal Pearl  
  • Clay machine 
  • Extruder with small multi-hole disc 
  • Clay roller, clay blade, craft knife, clay tools, straw or 1/4” circle cutter  
  • Ceramic tile 
  • Sculpey® Etch & Pearl Tools - 3 sizes 
  • Sculpey® Bake & Bond Adhesive 
  • CreateAlong.com Deco Disc - Paisley 
  • CreateAlong.com Peacock Feathers Silkscreen 
  • CreateAlong.com Pigment Mica Powders - Jewel Set, Essential Metallics, Summer Brights (or individual jars of deep blue, teal, gold, green, purple mica powders) 
  • CreateAlong.com Hot Fix Cabochons 4mm - Bright Blue, Purple, Green - Optional 
  • CreateAlong.com Dragon Scales & Mermaid Scales (light blue) - Optional 
  • Small flat paintbrushes 
  • DecoArt® Dazzling Metallics- Emperor’s Gold, Peacock Pearl, Ice Blue, Festive Green 
  • Makin’s® Water Drop clay cutters Set of 3 
  • Makin’s® Flower & Leaves cutter set (or single medium sized lower cutter of your choice). 



  • Pasta Machine
  • Clay Blade
  • Acrylic Roller
  • Clay Rib (also known as a clay scraper)
  • Furniture Glide
  • Deli Paper
  • Oven Thermometer
  • Clay Yo Texture Sheets
  • Disposable aluminum pan and aluminum foil
  • Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • Zap a Gap Medium CA Glue
  • Cutters 1 ¾ inch circle cutter, 1 ½ inch circle cutter, 1 inch circle cutter
  • Kemper Miniature Circle Cutters
  • Small amount of black clay
  • 2 ounces of scrap clay for the bead cores
  • 2 ounces of Sculpey® Premo! Burnt Umbero
  • 2 ounces of Sculpey® Premo! Accents Pearl Peacock
  • 4 ounces of Sculpey® Premo! Accents Pearl White
  • 4 ounces of Sculpey® Premo! Accents Translucent
  • Kato Clear Liquid Clay
  • Poly Paste
  • Bake and Bond, or liquid clay
  • Brushes
  • A Stiff Brush (Stencil brushes work well)
  • Large Soft Artist’s Brush (to apply metal leafing flakes)



  • 5 oz. Premo! Sculpey® Black
  • 4 oz. Premo! Sculpey® White
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Fuchsia
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Blush
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Orange
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Purple
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Jungle
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Accents Pearl
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Accents Sunset Pearl
  • 1 pack Premo! Sculpey® Accents Copper
  • Blade
  • Acrylic stamp blocks (I got them at Dollar Tree)
  • Pasta Machine
  • Ruler (metal is helpful)
  • Acrylic/Wood/Metal Rods - Markers - Cane Tools
  • Acrylic Cane Ends - Poker Chips

Stephanie Kilgast - Magical Mushroom 

  • Polymer clay in the colors of your liking, pick three close colors for the mushroom. I 
  • picked blue, mint and green.
  • If using polymer clay that bakes very opaque (like Fimo) use as much translucent clay as the color you picked. If your polymer clay is already partially translucent, (like Cernit) you can use the colors as is.
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Acrylic paint in the same colors of the polymer clay you picked, black and white.
  • Varnish


  • Ball ended stylus
  • Spatula tool / toothpick / needle tool, the tool you like best
  • Here a video link to the tools I like best https://youtu.be/oqph9A56p38
  • Scalpel
  • Sandpaper / toothbrush
  • Aluminium foil
  • Masking tape

Polina Szucs-Foteva - POLYMER EMBROIDERY

Project 1 - 
  • Earring settings – preferably wider and bigger or easier working
  • Sharp blade
  • Ball tool - preferably with a small ball tip
  • Sharp sewing needle
  • Brush (optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol or acetone
  • Q-tips or make up pads
  • Polymer clay -   5 shades of blue – from the darkest to the brightest
  • White

Project 2 - 

  • Pendant setting
  • Female silhouette template
  • Sharp blade
  • Sharp sewing needle
  • Ball tool
  • Brush (optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol or acetone
  • Q-tips or make up pads
  • Pasta machine or roller
  • Polymer clay -
  •      Dark blue for the background
  •      White for the silhouette
  •      Green for the stems and the leaves
  •      Yellow, orange and red for the main flowers
  •      Pink and violet/purple for the additional flowers
  • Chain
  • 2 jumps rings
  • Pliers – round or diagonal, preferably both


  • Premo! Sculpey®
  • - White 5001
  • - Rhino Grey 5529
  • - Orange 5033
  • - Cadmium Red Hue 5382
  • - Spanish Olive 5007
  • - Burnt Umber 5053
  • - Purple 5513
  • Sculpey® Souffle Turnip 6515
  • Liquid Clay (e.g. Sculpey® Bake and Bond)


  • Round/oval cutters 4-6 cm
  • Scalpel/X-knife
  • Long screw without head
  • Plastic bag
  • Extruder
  • Pasta-machine
  • Ceramic tile or glass from a foto-frame
  • Working surface you can bake on
  • Oven
  • Wet wipes



  • Plate
  • White Sculpey® Clay 
  • Two additional colors of polymer clay
  • Two shades of alcohol ink
  • Cutters
  • Texturing tools
  • Spatula
  • 2-3 small plastic cups
  • Tissues
  • Small bowl & water
  • Kitchen sponge
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue
  • Acrylic paint (black or brown)


  • Souffle or Premo Clay in base color of your choice (shown: So 80s and Royalty) 
  • Premo yellow, green, and turquoise for the stripes and dots
  • Ranger Liquid Pearls for embellishing
  • Knitting needle or skewer for poking holes and making faces



  • Clay blade
  • Acrylic rod
  • poker tool
  • Liquid Sculpey Clear
  • Premo Clay in your color choice I used translucent and black
  • Hot fix Cabochons
  • Shimmer Shifts available at Createalong.com
  • Silicone Texture sheet I used Rocky Path and Ginkgo
  • Pigment ink
  • UV resin
  • Metallic acrylic paint
  • Optional: glitter, powdered pigments 


  • Premo! Accents® Rose Gold Glitter, Bronze, Translucent
  • Sculpey III Dusty Rose
  • Fimo Deco Gel or similar liquid clay
  • Craft knife
  • Clay blade
  • Metal texturing and scoring tools
  • Large round clay cutters
  • Embossing folders
  • Dotting tool
  • Pasta machine or clay roller
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Americana DuraClear Gloss Varnish
  • 3" & 4" Terra cotta base 
  • Gilding paste or antiquing wax
  • Gemstone
  • Armature wire or similar material
  • Army Painter Soft Tone Quickshade Wash
  • Corn starch 


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