Autumn Leaves Beads - Create Along Box Project

Autumn Leaves Beads - Create Along Box Project

November 22, 2018

Klio Tsaliki shares absolutely gorgeous autumn beads made with the "Fall-ing In Love" Create Along Box! 

Fall leaf shaped beads made of Cernit metallic hues. Awesome silk screen included in the box.

Heart shaped leaf beads using the texture mat found in the box. 

Cernit metallic skinner blend was textured and then shaved (mica shift technique).


Again leaf shaped beads with the application of the foil included in the box. Although it was not 100% successful, it added a beautiful effect.

Foil was applied first on a Cernit metallic Skinner blend, then I textured the clay and shaved it (mica shift technique).

The random golden shine is really beautiful.

This was a BEAUTIFUL fall Create Along Box! I was already in fall and leaves mood, so it couldn’t come in a better moment!


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