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This Whimsical Bird Earring Clay Cutter Set is the perfect pick for jewelry making that stands out! It's a must have for all of you crafting queen bees to create unique and colorful earrings that'll have people chirping about your chic style. Craft some fabulous style with this set!

Most cookie cutters are too large for jewelry but we have designed these 3D printed cookie cutters for your jewelry sized artwork. These are an exclusive product from Create Along with Polymer Clay TV. These fun cutters can be used in so many ways just let your imagination soar!

Note about 3D printing: 3D printing is a time consuming process, melted plastic is layered to build up the cutter in the design.

These are a plastic product, do NOT clean or use with acetone. Soap, water, and a soft brush are recommended if needed.



Whimsey Bird # 2 earrings mirrored polymer clay cutter set

Whimsey Bird # 2 earrings mirrored polymer clay cutter set

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