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In this workshop, I’ll begin by sharing how to easily create a tube bead necklace, with a custom dimensional clay bezel. Then the real fun begins - I’ll be showing you how to make five different succulents to fill your bezel for this very unique piece of jewelry.

Why succulents? Succulents really are on trend right now - they are popping up everywhere - not just in home decor and gardening centers - but in jewelry and fashion also - bracelets, necklaces, headbands, barrettes, earrings, and even rings. Big, bold pieces packed with succulents. Especially on wedding jewelry. On sites like Pinterest, you’ll find a wide assortment of jewelry made with real mini succulents, that the wearer can plant after the event. There are a few polymer clay options out there also. I wanted to design something that was a bit of a blend between the real versions, and the polymer clay versions I saw, and this mini succulent garden necklace was the result.

Not interested in creating a wearable succulent garden? These tiny succulents would also be fabulous for embellishing boxes, frames and more. The techniques you’ll learn can be used to create life size home decor pieces too - made entirely of clay. Just alter your sizes as needed and let your creativity take care of the rest. I use a no-bake clay in the video, but you can substitute your favorite oven bake clay as you wish. The techniques will be the same.

This is a polymer clay and mixed media online workshop, you receive a PDF with links to download your videos.

1 video and an 8 page PDF with a materials list and outline of the workshop.

*Originally part of the digital PCA 2017 experience.

*Please note- the class is optimized to download and save onto a computer. On a tablet, you may PLAY and WATCH all the videos to your heart's content as many times as you like, but you may not be able to download them to keep. Please login to a computer to download and keep the video files. Most tablets and phones are not equipped with the amount of memory needed to download large video files. 

***You will receive a download that you can use over and over again.***

Cindi McGee is a multi-published mixed-media artist. Over the past 22 years, she has enjoyed experimenting with many types of mixed-media, but has found her true passion lies with polymer clay. Cindi has taught at many in-person events and online for several years. Cindi's line of polymer clay products premiered in December of 2019 at She is Editor of Passion for Polymer magazine. Cindi's motto is “Dare to be Different.” Her style is diverse, and she is always seeking new techniques to master. Cindi shares her art via her blog - Cindi McGee Behind These Eyes, her Etsy shop - Cindi McGee Designs,Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and on various other websites and social media platforms. You can also find her Pattern to Polymer series of polymer clay tutorials on PolymerClayTV on YouTube.

Make a Miniature Succulent Garden Polymer Clay Pendant Online Workshop with Cindi McGee

Make a Miniature Succulent Garden Polymer Clay Pendant Online Workshop with Cindi McGee

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