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This baking rack is perfect for creating polymer clay beads as it can go straight from your workspace into your oven. It is also wonderful for drying your beads if you paint them, holding them while you heat cure powders or other cold enamels and enamel powders, even make paper beads or beads from Ranger's QuickCure Clay. 

Collapsable Rack goes flat and away when you are not using it. "V" SHAPED SLOTS TO HOLD OUR SPECIAL AND INCREDIBLE BEAD PINS and a variety of other rods and skewers.

Use bamboo skewers, sock needles, and more with this very versatile rack!

MDF version Comes with 20 polymer clay bead pins in a sturdy, easy-to-find case, and has 14 slots for your pins and rods. Aluminum version has 20 slots and does not fold.

Perfectly sized to hold your huggie rods too for post earrings.

Made from MDF. 2.5" wide, 6" long, about 1.25" tall. DO NOT OVERHEAT YOUR RACK. This is bake-able at 275-300 F, but as it is a wood product if you do not pay attention and bake it hotter than that, you run the risk of burning and fire. PLEASE know your oven before placing this inside and check the temperature. We can't be held responsible if you neglect to check before placing this in a too-hot oven. NOT for kilns.

Note: beads pictured do not come with rack. 20 pins in case come with the rack. 

Bead Baking and Drying Rack MDF for clay, paper, and resin beads and earrings

Bead Baking and Drying Rack MDF for clay, paper, and resin beads and earrings

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