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In my “By The Sea” workshop you will learn to make a beautiful Coptic-bound book using polymer clay for the covers with a veneer of Faux-Ivory. We all know the imitative properties of polymer clay and the look of faux ivory lends itself perfectly to this medium. The process is simple and can be adjusted to resemble not only ivory, but also bone or wood. Image-transfer techniques will be shown so that you can place imagery on the covers if you desire. I will be using imagery of sea shells in this video. The PDF included in class has an array of other sea-imagery. A scrimshaw effect is quite the complement to the theme and easily achieved through mark-making and embedding small bits of sliced cane,

seed beads and wire. Other techniques learned in this class include antiquing, constructing a couple of basic canes, and Coptic stitch book binding. Approximate book size is 4 1⁄2 x 6” which is great for carrying with you to use for note-taking in workshops, or as a personal sketchbook or journal. I am honored that one of my book samples is part of the permanent Scrimshaw exhibit at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut.

The techniques you learn will easily translate to other projects in mixed media. Join me for a class filled with creativity and inspiration!

* This class was part of PCA 2020.

*Please note- the class is optimized to download and save onto a computer. On a tablet, you may PLAY and WATCH all the videos to your heart's content as many times as you like, but you may not be able to download them to keep. Please login to a computer to download and keep the video files. Most tablets and phones are not equipped with the amount of memory needed to download large video files. 

By the Sea Coptic Book binding Image Transfer polymer clay tutorial with Lisa Renner

By the Sea Coptic Book binding Image Transfer polymer clay tutorial with Lisa Renner

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