Bead Pins pierce holes bake polymer clay, quick cure clay, mixed media AMACO

$ 9.99
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Tube containing 50 bead pins.

These bead pins are super sharp and will ease right through your polymer clay, air dry or metal clay to create bead holes. You can bake your polymer clay right on the pins. *Please be careful when opening and handling your pins!

Formerly Poly-Tools or "Amaco bead pins"- yes these are the pins you know and love! We haven't seen them in shops for a long time. CreateAlong has aquired the rights and future manufacturing of the original pins, along with many of the Poly-Tools you remember. Over the next several months we will re-introduce you to some fantastic polymer clay tools!

The set include 50 bead pins.They are 3 1/2 inches in length and very thin.


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