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Mixed-Media Mermaid Shrine - By the Sea Create Along Box Project

Posted by Cindi McGee on

Pat Krauchune shares this amazing mixed-media mermaid shrine done in the style of Laurie Mika who she truly enjoyed learning from as part of a past Polymer Clay Adventure. Pat used the following materials from her June By the Sea Create Along Box:  The Motion of the Ocean - special edition rubber stamp texture sheet / Cockle Shell flexie stencil / Nautilus and starfish silkscreen /Glass beads / Pearly Pigment powder / Charm chain featuring shells and starfish.  She also used a small block of wood / Souffle polymer clay / gears /eyelets / mica powders / glass micro beads /hands and face mold....

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How to create polymer clay and recessed metal leaf stenciled design

Posted by Bee Keeting on

Learn this easy polymer clay and stenciling technique. You will keep people guessing how you made it! All you need is some metal leaf a blade and a stencil and you can create this unique look.I am all about experimenting and this came about in one of my early morning experimental sessions. I wanted to find a way to have the metal leaf in the outline of the design and this worked perfectly! It looks like its so hard and time consuming to create but its really easy. Hope you will give it a shot!Find the stencil at:Trellis stencil: https://goo.gl/wfqIxQ...

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