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How to Add Layered Surface Technique Designs to Polymer Clay

Posted by Ilysa Ginsburg on

I love the way this surface technique looks on polymer clay. Adding the layered designs ads depth and creates a really cool look. I really like it using metallic Pan Pastels but you can mix up the stencils and colors for lots of unique looks. here are a few different looks. You can find these products in our shop at these links. https://createalong.com/collections/silkscreens https://createalong.com/collections/stencils-and-punchinella

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How to Silkscreen on polymer clay and tools needed plus Silkscreen Dreams Contest

Posted by Kira Slye on

I am often amazed by how many people are intimidated by silkscreening on polymer clay and I am on a mission to change that! LOL  The reason is because there is no reason to be, I can honestly say it is one of the easiest techniques you can do with polymer clay. SERIOUSLY! Watch the video and find out just how easy it is and all the tools and tips you need for success.  Watch the video here Once you see how easy it is come enter our new Create Along Silkscreen Dreams contest. The entries are already coming in...

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Create a multi color silkscreen palette polymer clay surface technique tutorial

Posted by Bee Keeting on

Silkscreening is one of my all time favorite techniques so I always like to experiment with new ideas. I wanted to find a way to add multiple colors of paint to a design and place it deliberately in certain areas of the silkscreen. Using Gilding Polish is a great way to achieve this. Gilding Polish is thick and has a mousse like consistency making it perfect for the silkscreen palette technique. You can place the polish where you want to add specific colors. When you pull the color across the screen it will create a beautiful blended look. Come create...

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