Make your own polymer clay paints for decorating your arts and crafts tutorial

faux lampwork polymer clay pendant

March 28, 2018

Today's video will demonstrate how to create your own polymer clay paints which then you can use to make faux lampwork effects or miniature clay paintings and designs all over your clay art!
Make beads, jewelry, little scenes, or just add fun details to your polymer clay works.



Susan Morton

Susan Morton said:

Wow, excellent tips . . . I am always interested in tips that involve the liquid clays!


Patricia said:

Instead of TCL, could you use sculpey bake and bond?


Patricia said:

Instead of TCL, could you use sculpey bake and bond?

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

I want to make some birds now.


Beth said:

I tried doing a project with Kato liquid clay that I colored with alcohol ink. Even though the layer of alcohol ink was thin, the project came out murky and full of bubbles. I even hit it with a heat gun to try to clear the Kato, but to the no avail. I did wait for the alcohol to dry off before mixing with liquid clay, but maybe not long enough. That’s the only thing I can think of that caused this problem. I specifically used Kato because it’s supposed to be the clearest liquid clay.

I would hate for the liquid clay the be the problem. I made about two dozen different colors of liquid clay, so I would hate to have to throw all those out and start all over. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for any ideas.

Isabel Subero

Isabel Subero said:

Oh! What a great idea 💡 thanks for sharing. I love your videos, and this faux lamp work effect idea is perfect for the projects that I’m working right now. It is a tile composition to decorate my living room wall. 😀


ann said:

Love the idea, could be used on other bake able surfaces.


Glenda said:

Really have to try this it looks like such a fun project I just can’t wait, but first I have to get the inks.

Gloria Borrero

Gloria Borrero said:

Thanks for the videos, I learn so much from them. Do I keep layering the artwork, so it could raise the design, and then bake it again? Would the heat and time of the second and third bakes be the same as the first one? That bird is so cute, it looks like chocolate candy. yum 🍰

Cornelia L Short

Cornelia L Short said:

Great tips on how to use the alcohol inks to create a raised design. I love how your little bird turned out!


Mamatha said:

Too cool , thank u for the great tip

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

Cool idea. I never thought of painting w/ the liquid clay.


Shyrell said:

Thank you for this tutorial. It’s very informative and easy to watch and listen too. No loud music! 😉 Can’t wait to try this.


Shelly said:

Adorable. Excited to go try this technique. Thanks for sharing.


lARRY said:

Very informative and a timely note

Carole Carlson

Carole Carlson said:

I’m glad to find another use for alcohol inks – I collect them like they’re going out of style, but don’t actually use them that much.

Maggie Walker

Maggie Walker said:

Great tip – thanks!

Katy Alexis Rogers

Katy Alexis Rogers said:

Hi Kira, thanks for the video.
I’m not familiar with metal oxide powder. Would a light color mica powder also work? Thanks again!

Patricia Stirniman

Patricia Stirniman said:

Another great video!

Leslie Yowell

Leslie Yowell said:

So much you can do with alcohol inks. Great idea!

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

Very cute little pendant and the painting ideas were very helpful. Thank you.

char morgan

char morgan said:

What a great idea! I’ve mixed colors with LS before to make marbled pieces but never thought about using it for paint! Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this wonderful medium we call polymer clay!

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