Create easy polymer clay heart earrings with Tejae Floyde's Romance TextureStax rubber stamps

Create easy polymer clay heart earrings with Tejae Floyde's Romance TextureStax rubber stamps

March 14, 2018

This set of earrings was made in about 10 minutes (minus bake time!) using guest designer Tejae's set of heart themed texturestax stamps called "Romance." Find them here. 

Techniques used: antiquing, molding using a stamp, using mylar backed silver foil, and a trick with an emery board! 







Mickey McGuire

Mickey McGuire said:

These are really awesome.

Carol Stevenson

Carol Stevenson said:

Love these earrings. I already have all of the tools from you and I am off to make them now :)

Glenda Stratton

Glenda Stratton said:

Love the Erin so drling and will go will so many outfits from fancy to blue jeans.

Mary Beth Falvey

Mary Beth Falvey said:

I like your use of a nail file to remove the metal finish from the piece. It really made it come to life with the pink showing through.

mary hargrave

mary hargrave said:

On a slow rainy morning, this was inspirational – simple for my level of energy but lovely and gracious earrings.

Gloria Borrero

Gloria Borrero said:

Hearts are currently so popular, these are beautiful. What did you use to antique them? Was it acrylic paint? Any special care after using it? Thanks for the tutorial.

Sharon Lampley

Sharon Lampley said:

I didn’t realize that these could be that easy to make!! They look great – looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for posting. And for making a very easy to follow along video tutorial.


Monica said:

Oh dear … these are so cute ! They look much more complicated but your lovely video showed that they are actually easy to make. Thank you for a great video and for some good tips and tricks.
Hugs from Monica

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

I really enjoyed watching this heart earrings tutorial, because I love learning new techniques. So even if I’m not a winner, I still learned a lot by watching. Thank you, Kira!

Mary Sanders

Mary Sanders said:

I love these heart. They could be use for anything. As soon as I can get them I’m going to,but not right now thank you for all of the help on your show


Lucie said:

These are gorgeous! Thanks Kira! They are on my to-do list??

Sherry McConnell

Sherry McConnell said:

What a L?VELY pair of earrings. I really like the vintage look! Good choice of colors too!

char morgan

char morgan said:

The earrings are really very nice – love the design. Purple is my color – And when born in February = amethyst = purple :) Thanks for sharing the video!

Linda Matteson

Linda Matteson said:

I totally agree with you that the umber brings out the details… The work on the edge around the heart gives a nice bit of detail as well…

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

I enjoyed watching this video and the previous ones since I joined in January 2018. I’m new to working with clay and I appreciate seeing the techniques used in the different projects. I have a lot more to learn and I’m looking forward to it.

Elayne Siegfried

Elayne Siegfried said:

Clever, elegant and simple earrings. Watching this makes me want to get back into the studio as soon as possible. Thanks. Elayne


Tina said:

Those look like something that I could easily make if I had the right tools. Thanks for sharing.

Tina R.

Carolyn ricks

Carolyn ricks said:

Love these you sell the tool to make the border?its a circle.i need one if you do….cute earrings ….

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

Cool! Quick & easy, but good looking.

Laurie B

Laurie B said:

What a great idea, easily mix and match different types of molds, stamps, etc. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jackie poole

Jackie poole said:

I love these earrings. This is just what I’m looking for, for my next project. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to check out you products. I need some more inspiration. Have a great day.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson said:

Oh, I love these. Enjoyed the tutorial and the encouragement. Your tutorials are almost always easy to follow.

Cindy Ridinger

Cindy Ridinger said:

Love the earrings. Especially enjoyed the use of emeryboard. Would love to win these.

Gail Lindsey

Gail Lindsey said:

Luv the contrast of the magic sheen with the matte bezel clay!

Mary Beth falvey

Mary Beth falvey said:

Thank you, Kira; I know I will treasure my gift!

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