Texturestax Romance Hearts Tejae Floyde Designer Collection set of 6 round rubber stamps for polymer clay and mixed media #TJH

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Beautiful Romantic Hearts designed by Guest Artist Tejae Floyde. These rubber stamps were designed so that the images will "pop out" from your polymer clay and have dimension!

This is our incredible new set of 6 round stacking stamps made in the USA.

6 - 1 inch deeply etched designs that come stacked in this handy tool. Pick the one you want to use and the rest of the stack can become a handle! Conveniently marked on the side with a number so you can tell which is which without opening the stack.

*** The manufacture process leaves a slight dust on the surface of the stamp. Please use a soft toothbrush and a quick rinse to clean them off before your first use.

These are Create Along original stacking stamps and a dream come true for us. These have been a few years in the making but worth the wait! 

These were designed especially for polymer clay use but can be used any way a regular rubber stamp is used.

No more dirt  or animal hair getting into these stamps, just stack them up put the cap on the top and store in its own designer case. 

We plan to add new sets often as these are so fun and versatile to use. Get ready to add these beautiful designs to your creations!

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