Polymer Clay Trading Coins and a chance to win!

Polymer Clay Trading Coins and a chance to win!

November 14, 2018


Polymer Clay Trading Coins

You may have heard about Artists Trading Coins if you pay attention to the mixed media world. We loved the idea of them but thought they would be even better if made with polymer clay! The coins are 2.5 inch circles and are made to be swapped, shared and given, never to be sold. Its a great way to share your artwork and add to your collection. I made a simple but fun coin in time for the holidays on today's Polymer Clay TV. Watch the video to see.


Cindi McGee, Kira and I couldn't stop making them once we started so we decided to share some of them with you. We wrote a super fun book with 15 tutorials and a huge gallery to get you inspired to start creating your own coins. 

We would love your help with choosing a cover for the book. Come vote for your favorite and we will enter you to win a copy of the book and lots of goodies that are just the right size for Polymer Trading Coins. VOTE HERE

We will announce the winner this Saturday and pre sale starts this Sunday. We are giving away something fun for all of you who purchase at the Pre Sale. They go on sale at this link on Sunday. http://www.polymerclaytradingcoins.com

You are going to have so much fun creating and trading these small works of art. This year in Polymer Clay Adventure we plan to swap coins using the techniques in the classes. How fun will that be! You can still sign up for Polymer Clay Adventure 2019 at this link. http://www.polymerclayadventure.com

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