How to make a Magnetic Succulent Planter with Polymer Clay

How to make a Magnetic Succulent Planter with Polymer Clay

May 16, 2018

Don't you love succulent plants? They are so easy to care for and need very little water which makes them perfect for planting in polymer clay. Polymer clay is waterproof so the water won't harm your clay. I show you how to make the cutest magnetic succulent planter today on Polymer Clay TV. Once you learn the technique the sky is the limit! Make them in all sizes and shapes they are so fun. Did I mention they are easy too! You don't need a lot of clay or tools just your imagination. Watch the video below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything. 

Find the Herringbone Swirl silkscreen here:

Find the Fleur de lis silkscreen here:

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Patricia Roberts-Thompson

Patricia Roberts-Thompson said:

This is such a cute idea, need to get an air plant for mine!

Sophie Laurent

Sophie Laurent said:

Thank you for this great tutorial ! I am going to try it so far !


Mamatha said:

Great tutorial

Debi Callari

Debi Callari said:

Cute cute project❣️


Patti said:

This is such a fun project. I can see dried wedding flowers or other mementos in them as well. Thanks for the idea!

Carol Stevenson

Carol Stevenson said:

These are so cute! I have sourced an Etsy shop for air plants and am going to make these for birthday gifts for my friends. Adorable.


Patti said:

This is such a fun project. I can see dried wedding flowers or other mementos in them as well. Thanks for the idea!

Susan Morton

Susan Morton said:

Such a clever idea . . . love it. I actually have a taller steel bowl like that. I got it from work . . . we use to use those for holding surgical prep solutions.

Sherri Thompson

Sherri Thompson said:

What a fun project! I’ve been collecting glass containers to cover for succulent planters, but this will be a fun addition! Thanks!


Kim said:

What a great project! This would be perfect for an airplane also. Thank you

Lucie Winsky

Lucie Winsky said:

Oh, this is so cute! Thanks for the tute!💗😊

tracey nelson

tracey nelson said:

oh i love this idea. even if you arent a green thumb this would look great on a fridge with polymer ivy hanging out of it. adore the herringbone design alot. thank you for the tutorial and all the new ideas popping into my head from it.


Cindy said:

Oh, the inspiration! I have some silk screens from one of your boxes and I will begin using them on this project! Love it!

June Harris

June Harris said:

How much fun will this be??? These would make ideal Teacher Gifts! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Valerie Marsden

Valerie Marsden said:

I love this idea – thank you

Andrea Cunningham

Andrea Cunningham said:

This is great! I have a ton of magnets and this will help me use them up!!
Thank you!!

Katrine Christensen

Katrine Christensen said:

Very cute 😀 I love succulents, and have several!
But I would love those cute little tiny-s for airplants! 😁


Janice said:

Thank you for a great tutorial! These are super cute…can’t wait to make some. 😊


Linda said:

This is so cute, can’t wait to try it


Marcia said:

OMG! so cute! I want that bowl. It is so awesome. I’m glad you have them in the store!!

Ymana Johnson

Ymana Johnson said:

This is a great idea and so very use-able. I can think of all kinds of ways to embellish this little pot to make it showy and interesting. Thank you for the great idea.

Nancy Bales

Nancy Bales said:

Clever idea for a magnet. Thanks for the tutorial.

Janice James

Janice James said:

Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

What a cool idea.

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

Awesome. Thanks for the tutorial

Mary Beth Falvey

Mary Beth Falvey said:

This is a great gift idea. I am going to try to make it out of a shell shape because i live on the shore of SC. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Lauren Leighton

Lauren Leighton said:


Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

Very cute, Ilysa!! Thanks for the idea!!!!

Deborah Lahita

Deborah Lahita said:

Cute idea! Thanks! So many possibilities.

Glenda Stratton

Glenda Stratton said:

Love this idea it’s willmake a great house wolcomeing gift to new members to the neighborhood as just cute give away!

Joan Fox

Joan Fox said:

Such a cute idea

Bonnie Santiago

Bonnie Santiago said:

Clever idea, so cute. Thank you!

Linda Esseltine

Linda Esseltine said:

You could make a clay succulent for it as well.,no dirt no water!!


Tina said:

Those are so cute.

Audrey Roseberry

Audrey Roseberry said:

Really useful for my office at work! What about succulent to place in the planter?? :) thank you for showing us!!

Sue Duffy

Sue Duffy said:

Super cute! Will have to make these for the girls in the office!

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

These are so cool!

Eva Heaberlin

Eva Heaberlin said:

Will it work if I just make a whole bowl and then put it in the oven for a short cured and after it cools down cut it in half? Has anybody tried?

Mariruth Brown

Mariruth Brown said:

glad i found you. thanks for sharing this magnet project. cant wait to read the blog. take care.

Eden Moore

Eden Moore said:

These are too cute!!! My grandma would adore a few of these.

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