How to create a Crackled Polymer Clay Look with 3 different mediums

How to create a Crackled Polymer Clay Look with 3 different mediums

May 30, 2018

Polymer clay is perfect for imitating the crackled worn look that is all the rage. However there are so many crackle mediums on the market how do you even begin to choose? I share 3 different crackle mediums and my results with them. I show how you can use silkscreens and stencils to create a really cool crackled vintage look with easy steps. 

polymer clay crackled technique


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Marilyn said:

Hi! I have struggled with the crackled look for so long, as the effect sells really well. I too have used Kroma w the copper paint because that was the look I was going for as well. My results have been somewhat unpredictable using both thin and thick applications. Sometimes the flakes will come off. I finally contacted one PC artist who suggested rolling, burnishing, or braying the flakes in place. That helped somewhat. I thKroma works best with the painting community. Of course, my first piece came out beautifully, but I was never able to duplicate that piece, though some have sold anyway. I marketed them as a “Raku” effect. I still chase this technique once in a while, as it takes about 3 days for the Kroma to dry. My success rate at best has been @ 50%. But the public loves it. I have yet to achieve the look of the Crackle tutorial so often seen on Instgram, which is beautiful! Oh well…Hope this helps and many thanks for the new video, which I will try soon. Love the ginkgo!!!
*One note I have is that DecoArt has a transparent crackling glaze. My note is that it bubbles when baked so I no longer use it, as I don’t like the effect.

Sherri Thompson

Sherri Thompson said:

I have been itching to do a crackle lately! Just the motivation I needed! Thanks!

Susan Morton

Susan Morton said:

Thanks Ilysa, I have yet to try any crackle techniques so I might start with the ArtDeco option since it is less expensive and seems to yield a better result.

Mindy Wells

Mindy Wells said:

Thank you! I love this effect and have been airing for a sure fire way to achieve it

Debbie Beechy

Debbie Beechy said:

I have been wanting to try a crackle effect but wasn’t sure what to use. Thanks so much for this video. I see I will be doing some experimenting!

Deborah Lahita

Deborah Lahita said:

I love the comparisons! I agree with you on the choice. Did you happen to post where the one step can be found? I’ll be shopping soon! Got to use that lovely ginkgo silk screen!

Gale Loder

Gale Loder said:

Thanks for showing several options for the crackle look, Ilysa. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will give it a try soon. I always enjoy your videos!!

Sue Barlett

Sue Barlett said:

I like that you compare the different brands. It helps me to know what brand to try first without wasting money. I like the effect of the Crystal accents on the pieces you did. Thank you.

Tammi Williams

Tammi Williams said:

Thanks so much for posting this video. I have some KromaCrackle and Decoart Crackle on hand, but have never tried them. I am inspired by the beautiful aged copper effect.

Vera Deans

Vera Deans said:

Hi Ilysa, I can’t wait to try Crackle mediums on my Polymer Clay after seeing your wonderful Video! It opens up so many creative ideas for me with my jewelry making.I am always experimenting with Polymer Clay and your tutorials are excellent and fun!!! Thank you!!

Janet calardo

Janet calardo said:

I have several of the crackle mediums and loved seeing the difference. Can’t wait to try it with your silkscreens.


Sandra said:

Thanks it looks beautiful affect,

Jackie Poole

Jackie Poole said:

Thanks for sharing a great video. I’ve been wanting to try crackle and this gives me lots of info. It’s inspiring. Thanks!!

Janet Wallace

Janet Wallace said:

Love the crackled look. I’m still new to polymer clay art. I definitely want to try this. I like the one step crackle look the best. ThNk you for sharing.

Alice E Stringham

Alice E Stringham said:

Really cool results using the stencils!

Alisa Levy

Alisa Levy said:

What fun! I look forward to trying to crackle.

Lanette Holland

Lanette Holland said:

Nice technique. I am wondering if any kind of coating, such as PYM II, is needed at the end.

Linda Smith

Linda Smith said:

Great tutorial. I have one step, but haven’t tried it yet. Will now, after seeing this!

Karen A

Karen A said:

Good information and demo. I’ve been wanting to crackle surfaces. I like the one step brand best too – with more visible cracks.

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