Easy Polymer Clay Pointed Flower Pendants

Easy Polymer Clay Pointed Flower Pendants

You probably guessed by now that I love flowers. So I often like to include them in my artwork, there is something about flowers that makes most people smile unless of course you are allergic to them. LOL You can change up the clay colors and add different backgrounds to get some really unique flowers with this super simple technique.

Many of you may not know this about me but I traveled the country for over 10 years participating in fine art and craft shows as well as some festivals and other events. I was always getting ready for the next show so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on every piece I made so I was always looking for things that were easy to make but yet looked great and like you had spent hours on them. Well this pendant fits that bill, it looks great but also makes it look like you spend tons of time making it. Plus the best part is you can make it in any color and any style to go with any outfit! So get creating and come share your creations with us in the Tribe. 

You can find the tools I used in our Create Along shop.

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