4 quick project ideas and see what's in the July CreateAlongBox

4 quick project ideas and see what's in the July CreateAlongBox

Learn to make sliding beads for a leather bracelet, cover a glass bottle with silkscreened polymer clay, make dangling earrings with Swarovski crystal inlay, and create a seamless bead featuring patterns. Today we unbox the monthly Create Along Box, which is always NEW products that aren't in the shop yet. 

The AUGUST box is currently on sale, be sure to get yours before the 3rd! 

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I absolutely love the Create Along Boxes . . . they are a great value and the items in each box are super innovative and wonderful for polymer clay crafting. Sometimes my imagination limits me in knowing what I want to make. If I get something I don’t know what to do with right away, I will put it aside in a box—
“My What the Heck Box”— I have for just such items and save them. I often find that later on (could be days, weeks, months), I will see a tutorial or post in a clay group that sparks an idea that allows me to incorporate a saved item from “My What the Heck” box. Keep up the great work ladies . . . your boxes are da bomb!!


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