Bright, Bold, Butterflies!  Projects from our Butterfly Bollywood Create Along Box!

Bright, Bold, Butterflies! Projects from our Butterfly Bollywood Create Along Box!

Today we share Klio Tsaliki's colorful projects from the Butterfly Bollywood Create Along Box!  So many creative options, in one little box!  
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Decorative butterfly stick for flower pots and other use. Made with the butterfly
deco disc with the textured butterfly. Stamped on white clay (using some baby powder to avoid sticking).Then cut out and applied soft colored mica powders to highlight the texture.  The craft stick is glued with hot glue inside the hole of the holding part.
Really Bollywood butterfly made of a thick skinner blend in rainbow colors. Glitter was applied and then the silk screen using white acrylic painting. The body is made of colorful rhinestones. Feelers and tail are made of wire and inserted in the body before baking. Two big rhinestones are glued on the feelers. It is a huge butterfly!
Extruded cords were formed in a cane and sliced, then stuck on a thick sheet of clay. Feelers are again decorated with tiny rhinestones. Jewelry pieces in
several sizes, one of them has attached a small pin at the back side and will be
used as brooch. Made using the 3 size cutters.
Transfer butterfly, painted with glitter markers, decorated with rhinestones and sealed with two layers of liquid clay. Fixed on a green polymer clay basis and covered with faux greenery for a natural look.
The flagship of the Bollywood butterfly fleet. Giant piece made with two layers,
one glittered and one textured. Black shape was textured with the texture
sheet and then some Interference mica powder was applied on it. Then, several
shapes were cut off the black sheet making it a see through piece. The second layer is a skinner blend in rainbow hues, glittered and shiny. Bake and Bond glue kept the two layers together. The piece is decorated with colorful glass flat back hot fix rhinestones. Feelers and tail made of wire and decorated with bigger rhinestones. The butterfly has a body under the two layers which is glued on a giant wooden clothes pin, painted with DECOART metallic color (was included in a previous Create Along Box!). Some hand painted golden patterns were added to complete the Bollywood touch.
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