Raised Stamp Custom signature logo mark handwriting polymer clay impression tool

$ 20.00
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Please read the entire description before making your choice! Thanks so much. 

Important notes: PLEASE leave a note to seller of exactly what you want printed on the stamp! OR: email us if you have a custom logo design you want to use. 

If we don't get this information, we can't make you anything.

If there are ANY questions or concerns with your order, we will contact you within 24 hours.
If we simply can't make your design, we will refund what you paid.

Pricing Basics: 

  • 1/8 text: $15
  • 3/16" text: $18
  • 1/4" text: $20
  • Your own handwriting +$5
  • If you plan to send a graphic logo for a round or shaped impression, please choose the My Logo options.
  • The smaller the text, the harder it is to stamp. The fonts we have chosen come out well. Please choose from our fonts- these are tested to work with this product and at this time, we are not using other fonts.
  • We process these as a batch once a week on Thursdays. We include all orders made by Tuesday of that week, with proof response and forms filled out! They will usually go out on Friday, so if you make an order that includes this item, we will hold your order till it is ready. 
  • Please make sure you read everything and make all the selections before ordering.
  • This is a product that requires some work from us- please remember we are people (not a giant company) when/if you contact us about your design.
  • Yes, we can usually do your own signature as a stamp! This is a great personalization tool. Please note you need to send us your signature written in a felt tip pen, NOT a thin ballpoint. There needs to be some substance to the letters for them to stamp correctly. Take some time and get it right- in black ink on white paper. For example:

This is a HARD tool- made from a clear sheet of plastic. It comes with a rubber stamp as well. Both of them will create the RAISED name- you will not be stamping "into" the clay. It might take a little practice :) 

How to use it: push your clay into the impression area and carefully remove it. You will reveal your signature as a raised design. Practice with it first, you will get better at making a clear impression.

There is a clear area left around your mark- with practice, you will be able to run or "roll" it onto your design, leaving the raised mark.

You can then leave it as is or rub some pigment powder or paint on it to reveal it more.

Your stamp will have a hole in it so you can attach it to a keychain or tie a ribbon on it- it's small and clear so you'll want to keep track of it!

Currently we have 3 sizes and 10 fonts to choose from. The fonts are listed, you can go to font sites to test out how you like your wording in your chosen font (try dafont.com)


Choose 1/4 inch height, 3/8 inch, or 1/8 inch height lettering. (approximate- every font is a little different especially with the high and low points.) 

If you are not sure what text will look like at that size, use a home printer to write what you want and print it out! Be 100% sure you are getting what you want. Please check out all the photos to see the text next to rulers.

Choose whether you want it to be long or stacked text:

Long text on one line: Kira Slye



Fonts: Avenir Next condensed, Athelas, Xiomara Script, Telepia Script, Succulent Regular, Signpainter, Cavorting, Author, Barbarino Clean, Inkscapade.

We reserve the right to change the price on this product as we see fit. You will always pay whatever the "going rate" is (your price will not change after you pay). Product does not qualify for discounts in sales since it is labor intensive.

There is no way for us to "show you an example" without actually engraving your text. Please look at the photos for size approximations.