Silkscreen Polymer Clay Butterflies Trading Coins Stencil great for art jewelry and mixed media

$ 7.99
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These silkscreens designs are made specifically to fit 2.5 inch Polymer Clay Trading Coins but you can use them to create art jewelry, home decor or whatever you can think up! Great for gel printing and even etching glass.

Imagine getting a beautiful piece of art in the mail and sharing your art with someone who will appreciate it. Artist Trading Coins are taking the mixed-media world by storm right now.

So we thought it would be even more special to make them with polymer clay & mixed media.

Once we got started making these super fun 2.5" circle COINS we couldn't stop!

They are to be swapped, traded, and shared- never sold. What a fun way to try a new technique, test out a style or color combination, use new tools, or create something to share with a friend!

Art by Hailey Rodgers