Modern Basics #9 Texture Sheet by Shannon Tabor for polymer clay mixed media and art jewelry

$ 11.99
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This lovely texture sheet from the Shannon Tabor collection works great for your polymer clay and mixed media creations. Make beautiful focal beads and earring dangles.

This Texture Sheet is  a super fun design with rounded circles and ovals. Beautiful highly textured imprints and stampings can be achieved on polymer clay, air dry clay, metal clay, and more with this design. This fun overall pattern has so many possibilities for you to create with!

This  approx. 3 inch x 5 inch stamp is perfect for shrines, jewelry, and mixed media projects.

Please- do NOT use a blade with this texture mat. It is not meant for blade techniques such as the "Sutton Slice," as your blade can cut or mar the surface.

Art by Cynthia Gougian