Mylar Lotus Stencil for polymer clay art jewelry and mixed media

Product Description
A Lotus flower often represents new beginnings and rebirth. The lotus flower or water lily grows from murky water and despite all odds it grows into a magnificent beautiful flower. Use these and let your beautiful creations bloom!
Enjoy using these small pattern stencils for your polymer clay jewelry, artwork, and decor projects. 

We designed these especially with the clay artisan in mind. Use with powders, inks and paints!

Designed by us, and manufactured right here in the USA in our home studio :)

  • 3 x 5 inch coverage area (big enough to cover a standard light switch, make ATCs, and more)
  • Small repeating design
  • Strong 10 ml mylar- translucent plastic, resistant to tearing
  • Thick enough to give a texture to your polymer clay pieces
$ 7.00
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