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The hamsa symbol is a symbol of protection and we can all use a little extra of that! Create shrines, jewelry and more with this set of 4 different hamsa designs featuring eyes at the center.

These can be used for so many different projects. Polymer clay, art jewelry, gel printing, mixed-media, home decor, and you can even etch glass with CreateAlong silkscreens! Orange silk screens by Create Along are made from a durable fabric and are unlike any other crafting silkscreens on the market. Our screens are fine 100 mesh for extra detail and work well with acrylic paint, pigment powders, most mica powders, and some inks.

We know you are going to love creating with these designs. 

  • 4.25 inches long by 4.25 wide with each hams approx 2 inch in height and 1 1/2 inches across.
  • Our screens are fine 100 mesh for extra detail
  • these screens create the most CRISP image with any acrylic paint because of the unique process we use to make them- unlike any other polymer clay silkscreen sold on the market
  • made from strong and durable fabric that will last a long time with proper care
  • crafting silkscreen tool to create your own patterned art

***Please do NOT use a metal scraper with your screen, only use plastic or rubber squeegee. ***

These designs are a dream come true not only for us but also for you! It's been a dream of ours to create our own line of silkscreens and stamps and we have finally done it. We have worked with silkscreens for years and know what works best so we designed ours to give you infinite possibilities and success every time.  We offer our silkscreens in round, square and an overall design. Choose your favorite or choose them all, the sky is the limit!

WATERMARKS not present on actual screen design.

Use to create jewelry, magnets, tiles, buttons and more! Especially great for domed lentil beads using circle cutters and a metal palette.

Silkscreens are a long-lasting tool when cared for properly. Care instructions come with every silkscreen.

Silkscreen Hamsa Blessed Eyes polymer clay Stencil Art Jewelry Mixed Media

Silkscreen Hamsa Blessed Eyes polymer clay Stencil Art Jewelry Mixed Media

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