Tube Bead Roller Set 1 - 5 mm and 7 mm clay snake and markings for polymer and clay DIY jewelry

$ 12.00
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*NOTE: This set is used as the basis for measuring all the shaped bead rollers, so YES- if you are buying Pro Bead Rollers 1-7, you should ALSO purchase this set too.

Tired of making clay snakes and ropes with your fingerprints and dents all over them?

DIY your own smooth stylish beads using our full line of bead rollers, which help you create the repeat shapes and sizes you've been wishing for!

Set of 2 pieces. One measures and makes perfect 5 mm or 7 mm thick "ropes" of clay.

The other creates 5 mm spaced or 7 mm spaced markings on the clay, which can be used for measuring, marking, cutting similar amounts of clay, or just creating marks on the surface of the clay.

See video for more info!

Coordinates with our full set of bead rolling tools👉🏻 LINK

Made of durable translucent polycarbonate, and manufactured in the USA.

Use soap and water for clean up. Do not scrub with abrasives or use sharp tools, as your smooth beads depend upon a smooth channel for rolling.

As with all tools- please protect from falls and bumps with sharp objects.

*Look familiar? Here's the story- we knew the owner of the former Poly-Tools company, so we made and deal and brought this product line back to market after no one had seen (or manufactured) them since 2014, because we believe in these tools and knew you would love them!