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This set of matte pigments has been put together especially so you can mimic the look of aged copper. When copper oxidizes beautiful colors emerge from blues, to purples, to the "traditional" green verdigris. We've attached some photos of aged copper to inspire you! Put these on before or after baking, use them to highlight a design or "scrub" them into a texture you've made and baked with copper clay. Mix them into Liquid Bakeable clear clay to create a paste patina!

No more constantly spilling your pigments, this palette designed and made by us at Create Along in the USA will help to stabilized the jars as they are embedded in the base. Just unscrew the cap. 

This set of 5 earthy pigments has so many possibilities! We use it to highlight texture, add color to specific areas, make something look vintage or grungy and color our clay and liquid clay too! Mix and match for fun combinations!

A little pigment goes a long way so these should last a while. They are in 5 gram jars. use your finger, sponge or a paint brush to apply. These are cosmetic grade pigments and are top quality. Please note the powder will settle in the mail.

Pigments Mineral Palette Powders Copper Patina set of 5

Pigments Mineral Palette Powders Copper Patina set of 5

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