Polymer Clay Essentials - a free video class from CreateAlong with PolymerClayTV

Thank you for joining us here! Polymer clay is such a fun craft, you can elevate it to an art form with practice, and we want you to know what you need to get started (hint, it's not that much! and it's fun and easy to start at home!) 

Here at CreateAlong, we manufacture most of our products right here in our workshop, or we source American small companies to work with to bring our product ideas to life. 

We also offer lots of workshops- including Polymer Clay Adventure and digital downloads of tutorials. We encourage you to set up an account here at the website so that you can always access digital downloads, past purchases, online classes, and of course- REWARDS points for everything you decide to buy!

The absolute basics:

Clay in your choice of brand

Something to roll it with - acrylic rod, drinking glass, rolling pin

Blade to cut with

Something to poke a hole - knitting needle, Etch n Pearl, bamboo skewer.


Want more? Read our article about choosing a polymer clay BRAND right here!