Graduated Round Aluminum Rod Tools For Polymer Clay

$ 9.99
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This set of 6 graduated sized aluminum rods are perfect for  so many things!

Make large hole beads (you can bake them in the oven), use them to create bails on focal beads so you can slide larger beads and fibers through them for chunky statement necklaces.

They also work great as mini-rollers. They stack inside each other for easy storage too!

Need to create a dent or channel so you can do some fancy caning or sculpture? Now you've got 6 sizes! 

Love to add texture to your creations? Use them to add fish scales, cut out a variety of round shapes and whatever else your imagination can think up. 

They measure approx. 4 3/4 in length. (12cm in length) 

5mm/6mm /7mm/8mm/9mm/10mm (6 different sizes)