Pod Flowers Magic Molding Mat texture stamps for polymer clay and mixed media

Product Description

These mats are so cool! They are 3.5 x 5 inches and come as a pair. One has the design impressed, and the other is embossed- so you get two complementary looks.

The entire surface of the mat is textured, so you get a beautiful allover texture that you can emphasize with inks, powders, and paints. 

Plus they go great with our silkscreens and Color Me image transfers- they are made to all go together.

The back is sticky silicone rubber- these stick to an acrylic block so you can stamp with them. Use inks, it's fine. Or wrap them around a piece of clay to create an all-around texture! Make a piece that has a raised design on one side, and an impression on the other... create reversible jewelry designs!

Food Safe, too! Stamp on Fondant, pour chocolate or soap on them to make a design, it's up to you.

$ 18.00
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