ColorFuze Tropical Breeze Set of 3 Enamel Powders

$ 11.99
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Three different Beachy hues of heat set enamel for polymer clay, art jewelry, and mixed media art and crafts. Sand, palm trees, and deep blue sea.

You will have so much fun trying new ideas with the ColorFuze enamel powders. Each set comes with 3 complimentary colors.

Stencil with it, add inclusions inside your clay, create veneers and so much more! They come in 10 gram jars with lids that twist off.

Stick to raw clay and bake. When it comes out of the oven, quickly use a heat gun to bring out the shine. This product wants to reach 300 degrees F for the best shine.

Use white glue or a tiny smear of liquid clay after baking to stick it to your piece. Use heat gun to bring out the shine. 

* color fuze, color fuse :)