Polymer Clay Tutorial Ultimate Guide 202 Tips And Tricks To Make Working With Polymer Clay Easier

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Polymer clay tips and tricks is jam packed with all kinds of polymer clay knowledge. We have each been working with polymer clay for over 20 years and have lots of tips and tricks we have learned along the way. There are 202 tips and tricks to get you started on your polymer clay journey.

Here are some of the things we cover in this e-book:

Differences between clay brands
What you can make with polymer clay
Mixing clay brands
Liquid Clays
Cleaning your pasta machine
Blade use and variety and how to extend the life of your blades
Tools and work surfaces
Pigments and powders
Acrylic paint and liquid acrylic ink
Textures and creating your own textures
Using stencils
Apoxie clay
Baking your clay
Learn from the pros and stop making mistakes!
Stop Floundering, and Start Enjoying your art projects.

With bonus video and photos to illustrate difficult tips...

This is not a traditional tutorial. Rather, it is a collection of 202 valuable insights into working with the incredibly versatile and fun medium, polymer clay.

We've included our tips for mastering your studio space, how to use tools and where to get them, how to use mixed media supplies along with polymer clay, how to clean your pasta machine, how to pick up clay that is stuck to a surface, how to bake, how to make your pieces look finished, how to avoid mistakes that make your work look amateur, how to stop being frustrated by clay and enjoy the process!

E book tutorial PDF guide