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Amy Hucks - Monster Frames
January 05, 2019

Amy Hucks - Monster Frames

We all have those family members that just don't fit in, but we love them no matter what! So lets display their portrait proudly on the wall. Free form sculpting a monster face in a frame!

Amy K. Hucks - Amy is a member of the Indiana Polymer Clay guild. Her goal is to travel the world with her wife Jennifer and teach others the fun of polymer clay.   https://www.facebook.com/SuperSculptor/


Clay colors - Mix a tiny bit of any bright, fun monster color* with premo! Sculpey® beige (green, orange or blue) for the skin tone.  Use a contrasting color for the claws, pearl or glow in the dark mixed with a bit of translucent for the fangs. 

* ANY colors work!  Use your imagination and embrace the strange!

Tools - Pasta machine or acrylic roller, silicone tipped sculpting tools, needle tools, cutting blades, circle graduated colors, soft brushes, extruder for hair 

Additional Supplies - small wooden or metal frame.



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