Suzanne Ivester - Pomander Pendants

Suzanne Ivester - Pomander Pendants

In this workshop, you'll learn to make hollow pendants that can be opened and closed to contain fragrances or a prayer or talisman. You can choose from eight color recipes to create pomander pendants in two shapes: cylinders and cubes. You'll also learn how to add chain, beads, and charms to personalize your unique pendant.

Suzanne Ivester - Suzanne Ivester has been an avid polymer clayer for all of this century, and her interests include a little bit of everything. She is a past president of the International Polymer Guild and is the author of the Polymer Chef column in Polymer Cafe magazine and Polymer Clay Universe. Suzanne lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida, and is a member of the First Coast Polymer Clayers Guild in St. Augustine.


  • Thin cardboard (like a cereal box)
  • Glue stick or white glue for gluing paper to cardboard
  • Printout of template for 1inch cube
  • Polymer clay and mix in ingredients of your choice from the list of clay recipes
  • Push molds in border shapes and small (less than 1inch diameter) button like
  • shapes.
  • Sculpey® Bake ‘n Bond
  • Small punches, hollow metal tubes, or drinking straws
  • Acrylic or oil paint, Rub n Buff, Gilder’s Paste, or similar, for antiquing
  • 1 mm. Stretch Magic cord
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Round nose jewelry pliers and wire cutting pliers
  • At least 22 inches of costume chain (for each necklace)
  • Glass or stone beads, necklace clasps, jump rings, bead caps, charms
  • Link to BOX TEMPLATE 


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